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Mind Your Body

Zev Nevo, DO

Welcome to "Mind Your Body", where we explore the intersection of pain and chronic stress and provide evidence-based approaches to mind-body care. Join us as we expose cutting-edge treatments and therapies that are revolutionizing the way we care for our bodies and minds.

Are you ready for in-depth insights, hacks, and practical advice on how to achieve optimal physical health and well-being? Become a wellness warrior and tap into the amazing potential of mind-body medicine. It's raw and refreshingly authentic, so plug in and get ready to be motivated, educated, inspired, and empowered to make a change in your life today.

Host: Zev Nevo, DO 

– Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
– Regenerative Medicine

Founder/Medical Director:
– NESS - Nevo Sports and Spine (Los Angeles, CA)
– Regenness – Regenerative Mind & Body Wellness Clinics (Los Angeles, CA)

Pain and Trauma-Informed Therapies:
– Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) Certified Practitioner
– Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) Certified Practitioner
– Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy (ISTT) Certified Practitioner
– Heartmath Intervention Certified Practitioner
– Polyvagal-Informed (Polyvagal Theory/PVT)
– Internal Family Systems (IFS) Informed
– Emotional Awareness & Expression Therapy (EAET)