Get Out Of Your Own Way with Sam DeSalvo

Owning a Business, Content Creation Secrets, and Pilates Trend with Emily Potemeri

June 07, 2023 Samantha DeSalvo Season 1 Episode 7
Get Out Of Your Own Way with Sam DeSalvo
Owning a Business, Content Creation Secrets, and Pilates Trend with Emily Potemeri
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Hello my friends!! In this episode of the "Get Out of Your Way" podcast, I get to sit down with the amazing Emily Potemeri, a powerhouse in business, content creation, and health. Get ready for invaluable insights as we discuss owning a business, content creation secrets, and maintaining well-being. Gain inspiration and practical tips to elevate your entrepreneurial journey. Join us for this enlightening conversation that will empower you to unleash your full potential. Don't forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell for more empowering content. Let's dive in together!


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Hello my friends, and welcome back to another episode of the Get Out of Your Own Way podcast. I'm your host, Sam DeSalvo, and I'm very excited to be here with you today. This podcast is our little cozy corner where WeChat, all things wellness, motivation, productivity, healthy living, and business. So if this is your first time joining us, I'm so excited that you are here. Welcome, and to everybody who is returning. I cannot thank you enough. You guys seriously are the best. So today's episode is extra special because I had the opportunity to sit down with an amazing guest, Emily Petri. So she's not only a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses, but she's also an awesome health coach. So we were able to cover so, so much in this episode, and I'm excited to bring it to you. So we talked about the nitty gritty of owning a business, starting a business. We talked about personal development, we talked about healthy habits and how you can incorporate healthy habits, and we also talked about content creation. So Emily shared so many stories, the things that she went through, and it was so inspirational. I honestly left feeling different. So if you are a lover of all the things that I just mentioned, then you are gonna love today's episode. There really is something in here for everybody. So grab your favorite cup of coffee and get a comfy spot, and I'm ready to bring you today's episode. But before we dive into today's episode, I just wanna ask for a quick favor. If you guys are able to, can you just rate and subscribe this podcast and also share it on social media? You never know who you could be helping by sharing, um, one of these episodes that could really reach somebody that is in need of it. So that would mean the world to me, and it also could help somebody out in the world. All right guys. Let's jump into today's episode with Emily Emery, and I hope it brings you a smile on your face, and I hope you find it inspirational. Let's jump in. Hello Emily and thank you so much for coming on the Get Out of Your Own Way podcast. I'm so excited to talk to you today. You are just such an inspiration on social media and you go after your businesses and you go after your goals. I absolutely love your aesthetic on Instagram as well. Thank you. You're the aesthetic queen. So Emily owns a couple of nutrition shops. Around Massachusetts and also in Rhode Island. So she's an entrepreneur, she does social media. So Emily, why don't you give our audience a little bit of background about who you are, what you do. Yeah, cool. Yeah, so my name's Emily, like she said. I do own a couple of healthy cafes, mainly in Massachusetts right now, but we do have locations in Rhode Island. We're always expanding learning more, how we can bring basically a healthy alternative, like to the community. That is definitely what we strive for. We also host events and just really give the community a. Space to come together and have a positive experience cuz it's something that like we so need right now. Yeah. Yeah. Besides that I am a content creator on social media, so I'm always on Instagram, you can see basically everything I'm doing on there. And then I also do some content creation on the side for other businesses as well. So, super busy, but love being in the content space. Yeah. I feel like it's such a growing. Space right now. Mm-hmm. Always evolving and yeah, it's super fun. That's funny that you said always evolving cause she does have her own brand Evolve and Elevate. Is that what it's I do, yeah. Yeah. So Evolve and Elevate is very, very new. We started last. Last fall actually. And basically just created a woman's group for people to join. We really focus on just teaching women how to live a healthier, balanced lifestyle. Mainly like girls in their twenties. Cuz I feel like a lot of times we go to school, we go to college. Mm-hmm. You know, we fall into this rut where we don't know like what to do next. So just learning about our bodies, teaching young women how to move forward after that high school college age experience type thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so we basically run challenges we. Teach them how to better their nutrition. We have in-person events for them to attend. Just give them a space to like feel welcomed. That's so cool. Yeah. Because I feel like it's so hard to make friends. Like in your twenties. Yeah. I've had a couple girls like say that to me too. And I mean, I feel that too. You, you gotta be part of some community mm-hmm. To like, make friends in your twenties cuz it can be hard. Mm-hmm. And like, make friends that you said that align with your goals too. Yeah. Because if you're not in like the party scene or you're just trying to get out of it, You need to let go of those friends, but then you need new friends to kind of replace those people. So that's amazing that you have something like that. What kind of inspired you to head into that direction? Like what makes you so inspired to help women and young women in their twenties? Reach these goals. Yeah. So two of my really good friends actually live in Michigan and they're in a similar space as me. Mm-hmm. Working in nutrition and they are actually part of a group, a group that does this. So I was asking'em like, oh my gosh, I wish I lived near you. I would join your group, like all this stuff. And they were just telling me what they were doing. Basically hosting workouts that people could go to. They host yoga classes they actually do like online calls and stuff like that. So just like creating something to. Invite to basically. And so after learning about how much impact they're making in the community, and now they have like a couple of locations running this with different hosts and it's just like so eye-opening to see like just with an idea you can create this like Yeah. Yeah. Huge impact. Yeah. So after talking to them, they were like, just start it. Like, hello? And I was like, It's so funny cuz you, like, you can look at things and be like, oh my gosh, that's so cool. But in the back of your head you're like, oh, I could never do that. Hmm. But it really is like that decision and then just go for it. So I teamed up with two girls that I work with that are actually in New Hampshire. So the first challenge we did all together, it was like Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire. Now we're kind of dividing a little bit, so they run their version in New Hampshire and I run mine here and it kind of gives the girls a chance to like, Just be more local and have more things to attend to. Yeah, yeah. But it is super inspiring cuz it's like a great way to meet new people. Absolutely. Mm-hmm. Yeah. That's awesome. That, yeah, you can do that. So when you got into like the nutrition business and kind of the entrepreneurship role, like growing up, was that something you always wanted to do or did you kind of just fall into this role of what you Yeah, I definitely fell into it. Yeah. I never thought I'd be doing this, like ever actually like. Being really young and growing up and things like that. I was a competitive dancer, so I always thought like, okay, I'm gonna dance forever. I'm gonna own a dance studio. Like my world revolved around dance and that's what I did. And then getting older, like obviously things change. Like you either go into that full-time Yeah. Or you don't. And that's just kind of how it works. I feel like in dance, in athletics and whatever it it is that you do as a kid, so I started getting really inspired by girls on Instagram. Yeah. Like, that was about the same time in high school where I was just kind of gearing my focus towards Instagram. I was esp inspired by so many influencers and like, you know, just seeing how people were living that lifestyle, like traveling and wearing the clothes and making the videos and like, I just always thought that was so cool that people were doing that for like a career. Yeah. Yeah. And so I kind of like pretended to be that person for a long time. Like if you followed me on Instagram as like, A junior senior in high school, like I was a wannabe influencer. Like I pretended that people sent me things I like. I just was aspired to be that so bad and like the fake it till you make it. Mindset. Yeah. Like I took that on so hard, but while doing that I started to get like noticed by people and then I started to like get asked to work. So that's when I started doing like web marketing and I did a lot of graphics for a lot of companies and like I just started like actually getting paid. Yeah, yeah. Through, you know, just being creative, which was crazy because I never thought that you could actually make money doing that stuff. Yeah. And that's kind of how I got into the nutrition business and owning a shop like this, because I started doing the Instagram for a local nutrition club that I used to go to. Okay. So I started just kind of like posting on Instagram, posting on their stories. I brought a lot of customers into the store by like really using social media as a like marketing tool. Yeah. And then, yeah, that's pretty much how it started. And then, But because of that, I saw like the opportunity in this business. Like I saw that people owned shops that sold shakes and teas, but they made like more money than most people I know. Okay. So I knew that there was something more to it, I just didn't know what it was. And you know, like doing like marketing, graphic design, all of that is fun, but it's not. Going to make you all of the money in the world. Like it's, you know what I mean? Especially doing it freelance and like freelance for friends and local and stuff like that. Yeah. So I saw the opportunity in the nutrition club space and I was like, oh my gosh, I have to learn more about this. Yeah. And so that's pretty much like what happened, but it all started with just doing content. Yeah. On social media. Yeah. So first of all, I feel like you manifested your way. Like you said, you were like pretending, but you were almost just like, Manifesting it. So you were like faking it, but it ended up kind of coming true. Mm-hmm. So wait, if there was anybody else out there that wanted to do like social media and become like a content creator, would you advise them to kind of do that? Like Yeah, if so, after you did it and you're like kind of looking back, like making fun of yourself, but it worked. No, it definitely worked cuz it made me comfortable doing it. Like, especially when I have like girls joining on the team or if people wanna like do what I'm doing, they're like, how do you post every day? Yeah. Like how do you talk on your story like, Because I've just been doing it like I got comfortable doing it. Mm-hmm. So even though it's kind of funny to look back and be like, you know, Avino didn't send me that face wash that was trending, but I got comfortable posting about a product. Yeah. Yeah. And now when I share like products that I offer, or if a brand does send me something, now it's not awkward because I've been doing it for so long and like, I think that just comes to the point with like when you're starting like working something, like when you started this podcast, like you just started it, you have to start somewhere. You have to start. And so like, honestly, like if you wanna be like a content creator and you wanna get into this space, like you have to start. Being a content creator, you have to start posting content. You have to start taking pictures, talking to your story, sharing things that you love. Yeah. And then, you know, it will just start to evolve. But yeah, I'm huge on fake it till like that's one thing people know about me. Like I will fake anything until I figure out how to do it. Fair or figure out what it takes. Yeah. It's the only way to figure things out is by actually doing it. Mm-hmm. Like that's what I tell my clients with social media and doing videos. Kind of like what you're saying, the only way to get better at it is by doing it and it's gonna be cringey at first. Like you said, you look back at your old YouTube and stuff and you're like, oh my gosh, it's so cringey. But it took you by doing these cringey videos and taking these like steps and stuff. To be able to get comfortable and to be able to be at the point where people are like, how do you do that? Like, I want your advice. Mm-hmm. It's like, well you have to start at the cringey point mm-hmm. To get past it. Yeah. Yeah, for sure. And with owning a nutrition shop, like when you started in this business and you're like, okay, I see the potential here. I see the money that could be made here. Was there like a divide or a gap? Like how do I. Own one. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, so I worked at other people's stores for a long time, probably at four different stores. So I worked in like four different places, four different audiences, like the whole thing. I've, I've seen a lot and I've also like helped build. Stores. So I always was like doing it. Yeah. But never for myself. And I feel like I was doing that a lot in life in general. Like I had always had a million part-time jobs. Yeah. I was always doing like X, Y, and Z for people, but it was never like for me. Yeah. Yeah. And so I knew that I had the potential to be successful, but I hadn't just never done it for myself before. So, It took me a really long time to be like, okay, like let me just do my own, because I was like scared for a really long time. Like I knew that I could do it, but realistically, at that time, everything was taken care of. Like I didn't have to. Do the books and pay the rent and you know, like I had all the logistics. Yeah. And so it took me a really long time. And then honestly, during like the Covid era or whatever you wanna call it that's kind of when things started like dwindling and getting more real. Like, if I wanna be secure and like know that, you know, I'm in full control of my life, of my finances. Yeah. Of whatever like. I need to do something about it. Okay. Because it's so easy for things to just stop. Mm. During that time I was working part-time at nutrition shops, but I was still doing a lot of graphic design. I was working for a bunch of boutiques and like running their websites and running social medias. Like just working for other people. Yeah. Yeah. And once Covid happened, like I'm the first one to go. Yeah. Like every single person was like, we can't afford to pay you now. Mm-hmm. And so I was starting to realize like, I'm doing all of this stuff, but I'm realistically. You know, not secure. Yeah. Yeah. In it. And so when I kind of realized that, I was like, okay, like if I open my own store, like no one's firing me. Yeah. No one's telling me that I'm the first person to go and it gets hard. Like there's no, you know, there's nothing to worry about. And if, and if things do get hard, like it's up to me to make more money or to figure it out, or do whatever you do. So, yeah. During that time we just saved, saved tons of money. We ended up opening the first store, like in cash. And it was scary because like opening a business during Covid mm-hmm. Was crazy. Like everything was more expensive than it used to be. True. And people weren't spending money. Yeah. But because of what we do, like, We have a healthier alternative, we have a positive environment, we're something different. Mm-hmm. We're not just like the next coffee shop that opens. Mm-hmm. Like we're something that people really need. Yeah. And so, you know, it's just the way you go about it. Like when, when I'm here I have a smile every single day and like when people come in I'm like, Hey, how's it going? And they're not used to that. Yeah, that's true. So it really just is like how you run your business if it if it will thrive or not. Yeah. But yeah, it was just that leap of faith, like, I know I need to do something about this cuz. You really never know. Yeah. Yeah. My mom had literally told me, I think it was during the Covid era too, that like as a business owner, I feel like once in a while you kind of get tripped up with, I guess, what everyone else is doing in the world. So my mom told me that when it comes to stability, it's only what you think of stability as like for what that means is. If you think of a stable job as like a corporate job because you know you're getting a paycheck every single week, you know exactly what you're gonna be making each month even. You know, if the economy declines, you know you're still gonna walk away with your paycheck. There's that mentality, but then it's like when covid happened and stuff, stability kind of went out the window because it's. Like you saw how easy it was for people to like get let go of, they got rid of you like you were nothing. You were just another number. So you really define what stability is in your own life, like you're saying. I would feel more comfortable if I had the control over, you know, no one's letting me go. I know if I wanna work harder. I'll make more money. And it's not like you have to go beg your boss for a raise and things like that. Mm-hmm. So I think stability really is up to each person. Like there are people that would be more comfortable not having to think of the books and not having to do all the backend stuff and just going home with their paycheck and if they get fired, well, it wasn't meant to be, I guess. But then there are the definitely like the entrepreneurs that, you know, would like to be able to take hold of those things, so. Mm-hmm. Yeah, it really depends on what stability is in your head. Mm-hmm. Yeah, for sure. When you said that, okay, I know that I can own a nutrition shop one day, what switched in your head? I know that you said that you wanted the security of no one would be able to let you go. Mm-hmm. But there had to be something that kind of like shifted in your head to be able to say, okay, see these people doing it. Yeah. And now I'm gonna bridge the gap of I'm gonna do it. Yeah, for sure. Definitely seeing other people do it. I think like, just because I had so much experience, Basically doing it too. I was like, okay. Like the only difference is that my name's on this one. Mm-hmm. You know what I mean? So I think it took me a long time, but I learned so much too. So knowing like, just knowing like that I'm not going into this like blindfolded, like I know exactly how it's run. Yeah. It's just gonna be in a new place and my name's on the building and that's really the only difference. I think also because we have a huge community of other people that own the shops. Yeah. Like I'm not alone. We have an amazing group of us. We have like 12 stores across Rhode Island Mass and now in Florida. Like a bunch of my friends in other states own them. Like you're just not alone. Yeah. And I think that, That's the case with a lot of business owners in general. We're just like scared to ask, like when people are starting, like when people wanna start as a personal trainer, like there's so many things to do and it's just like there's a huge community out there. You just have to like go after it and ask the questions and be coachable and be available to learn more about it. Yeah. Yeah. But I think that's what it was like, it was that switch of like, okay, I'm not scared to like learn more about this because before I was very like, Small minded thinking like I know everything. Thinking like I have to figure it out by myself. Mm-hmm. And it's like, no, like ask the questions like, and then it's gonna be easier for you and you're going to become a better person because of it too. Yeah. Yeah. So you had like amazing mentors. Yeah, for sure. And people like coaching you and helping you. Mm-hmm. That's amazing. Cuz I don't think everybody that starts a business has no mentors. Or if they do or they want them. It's like, where do you find them? Mm-hmm. So for you to have like mentors readily accessible for you, definitely pushed you mm-hmm. To strive for that you could do it. Yeah. And opened your mind up to the possibilities. With owning a nutrition shop and stuff, do you feel an immense amount of pressure to be able to, like you have to live healthy all the time, or is it something that just cups natural for you? Cuz you're surrounded by it all the time? Like what is, what's that kind of like for your mental health? Yeah. I feel like when I first got into this business in general, like when I first got into. Nutrition and, you know, wellness and all that stuff. I was never like a healthy person, like growing up. Like I used to dance competitively. I ate fast food all the time. Like I was, you know, just like this, like young, like. Skinny kid, like I never cared about what I ate and I never knew what to eat, but I was always active, so I didn't like see the, yeah. You know, I didn't get it back then. So when I started learning about nutrition and how important it is and you know, all of those things, when I first started, I always thought like, yeah, I have to be this person. I have to be this way. Like I can only eat these things I can. So when I first started doing it, I thought I had to be a certain way. Yeah. And I thought I had to portray this certain person so that people would respect me, so that people would like trust me and all these things. But I've learned that by being. Almost like normal by being like balanced and relatable. Yeah. Being like being real and saying like, yeah, I'd prefer to do this, but realistically I'm going to do this some days and I'm gonna do this some days. Like overall, I'm definitely a very like, healthy person like owning this store. Obviously I like, I'm having like healthy alternatives every single day, but I'm not gonna like, Not go out to dinner with my friends once in a while. I'm not gonna not have a drink once in a while. Mm-hmm. Like I'm going to do these things. I think it's just more of like finding the balance and knowing that like it's okay to have something once in a while, but it's not okay to have that every single day. And like, I think that's super important too, cuz a lot of times when I'm like coaching someone or if I'm working with a new client, like they think that they have to like switch their whole entire life around. Yeah. They have to like, Follow this crazy diet and follow a plan and all these things, and it's like really small changes will make the biggest difference. Yeah. Yeah. And I am so huge when it comes to that. Like, I always preach, like I live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I don't follow a crazy diet. Like, you know, what we offer here is an alternative. Yep. Yeah. So it's a healthy option, but we keep it fun like sometimes. So in our store we sell like protein shakes, energizing teas protein, coffee, things like that. So a lot of times people will say like, oh, this can't be healthy for you. It has Oreos on it. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like, okay, you know, it's not, it might not be the healthiest option. Right? Yeah. Like you could choose something else if you have whatever it is that you're looking for. But realistically, the average American like is. Probably not having the best breakfast, and this is a healthier option for you. Like all of our shakes are under 350 calories. You're getting protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber. Like realistically, when are we getting all of that stuff in a meal? Unless we're home cooking it, portioning it out like so it's really just like something I always tell people is like, this is the healthy alternative. Mm-hmm. For your daily life. Like for the. For all the people that are working every day, always on the go. You know, not everyone's home every day to cook their meals. Yeah, yeah. And so I feel like when I first started, I always thought I had to be that person, like mm-hmm. Cooking breakfast every single morning, trying to make sure that my lunch is prepped, like having dinner and like That's great too. Like I've done that whole life too. Yeah. Yeah. I've done the tracking, I've done all the things and it is, you know, cool to learn about and it works. It's like helpful to get you started too. Yes. Like I think you kind of need that. Baseline, like the education behind it, so that way you can get into intentional eating too. Mm-hmm. And you already know like, okay, I need these like nutrients and these macronutrients to make up my day. Mm-hmm. So I think starting there is good, but like you said, it's not really sustainable to do long term. Yeah. Yes, exactly. I think it's sometimes too, it's like overwhelming people that are just starting in, you know, in their, on their journey. Like if someone's looking to lose weight or. You know, most of the times, like the regular person doesn't know anything. Mm-hmm. Because we're not like taught like we don't go to school and like they don't make you take nutrition when you're in, you know what I mean? So it's very, very new for a lot of people and it can be overwhelming. Yeah. So I always tell people like, okay, start with the protein. Like, are you having enough protein? The protein? Yeah. You know, cuz people aren't, and that's just like the. That's just the world right now. But yeah, no, I feel like I don't, I used to be like that. I, I'm not like that anymore. I'm very okay with the way I live and being balanced. Yeah. And sharing with my audience and my customers and whoever asks, like, I'll be so real with you. I'm not. Eating. I love, you know, the best every single day. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm sure people find that so refreshing. Mm-hmm. So you share that on like social media too, that you're like a balanced person. Yeah. You don't for sure. You don't try to like portray it that you're like this, like health queen. No, definitely not. Yeah. If you follow me, you're probably like, is she a health coach? Because I'm definitely not like that. And like I said, I used to be that person. Yeah. But I found really quickly that it's not sustainable, you know, it's not realistic. And my clients were receiving that on the other end too. Yeah, for sure. So I just wanna bring up your social media for a minute because I love your social media. Thank you're, it's amazing. And the thing I wanna bring up is, it's so aesthetic. So what, like, is that just your life or is it like you just really good at cultivating good content? Yeah, I, I, so it's funny because sometimes it stresses me out so much like, Like sometimes if I don't post, I'm like, oh my gosh, I have to post. Like, I didn't post today. Like, because you can just get into this mindset where like you feel like you have to post everything all the time. Yeah. I feel like I've definitely been getting better at allowing myself to be like, no, you don't have to post this moment. Like, it's fine. But at the same time, I so enjoy creating content. Yeah. Like I enjoy like the aesthetic I guess you could say. So a lot of times I will. Pre-plan it sometimes like, or I'll, I'll think about like what I really wanna post today. So like this morning I posted like an aesthetic like coffee post. Yeah. Because I have like protein coffee. So I knew I wanted to post that. And then I just kind of like, it's so hard to explain cuz I'm just like, it's all in my head. Yeah, yeah. Like the creativity and like, I guess like the aesthetics of it. Like it's really just like, How I see things and how I post. Mm-hmm. Even trying to like, train like new coaches that join the, that join the team, they're like, how do you post like that? Like, when I post doesn't look like yours. I'm like, yeah. I, like I said, I've just been doing it for so long. Okay. And I follow a lot of creators, so I'll like take bits and pieces of things that I like. Yeah. And kind of like repurpose it, but it's something that's the hardest to teach. Mm-hmm. Like you, like you you do like photography, right? Yeah. Yeah. So like that's something that you can't just teach, like you just have an eye for it. Yeah. I do feel like everyone's eye is different too. Yeah. Like, that's why every photographer's style is like vastly different mm-hmm. From each other's, but that kind of makes up like who you are. But. If someone wanted to get into content creation, I think there's a lot of people out there that do. Mm-hmm. They're just like scared to tap into it. Mm-hmm. I know we kind of talked about this already by saying like, just get out there and try it. Like you gotta get past the point that you're cringey. Mm-hmm. Do you have any other tips that you would like tell somebody like that you tell your coaches and stuff? Yeah. To, yeah. Normally I'll tell them all the time, like, take pictures of everything. Like if you're making a drink because. Like for us, like we like sell products, right? So if you're making a tea or if you're making coffee, or if you're doing a workout, like record and take pictures of everything because you really just like, never know. Like I have coaches all the time that are like, I take pictures of my coffee every morning, but on day five, like I finally felt like it was cute and I posted it on my story. Like, cuz it's the same thing, like just doing it like you get more comfortable. Mm-hmm. So I'll tell people, I'm like, even if you don't wanna post it, like take the picture. Yeah. Because. Same thing, you're gonna get comfortable taking the picture. Or I'll tell people to like talk on their story and I'm like, if you feel so nervous Yeah. They don't wanna post it. Just film it. Yeah. Like just do the act of filming it. Or I'll tell them sometimes I'm like, just send it to me. Like send to me, I'll watch it, and then like just by me giving them positive feedback, like they'll feel better about it. Yeah. So I always say that like take pictures of everything. Even if you're like out and about and you're like, oh, this looks pretty. Like take a picture of it. Yeah. Yeah. Because the more you do that, you get comfortable and you know, most people don't do that. Like if you're not a content creator or like a videographer or photographer, like people don't just take pictures of things for themselves. Yeah, yeah. They normally do it for a larger purpose. Mm-hmm. So, yeah, I always tell people to start there cuz it's like the first step. Yeah. And it sounds kind of silly, but it's so true. Like it is so true. You know? That's exactly what I tell my clients too. Like yeah, just, you gotta keep practicing it and you know, do like days in your day in your life and things like that to get more comfortable with the small moments and mm-hmm. What I try to do too for my, my own feed and my business and stuff is you're saying like, take a photo of everything. I also take a video of everything. Mm-hmm. Like even if it's something that you like, this would be a pretty photo. It also would be a good video. And I create a content bank for myself, so I just have like a folder in my phone of, it's just called like wellness and stuff. Basically just all the videos like I take and stuff. If I'm not feeling creative that day or whatever, I just don't want to make a video in that moment. I just go into the folder, pick out some different clips that I've already created. Mm-hmm. And your audience isn't gonna know when you created them. Like half the time when I see either, like day in the lives, get ready with mes and stuff. A lot of times creators will repurpose the same kind of content and they'll like, If you follow them enough, you'll kind of catch onto that. Okay. It's the same video or the same day. It's just they change the angle and change like the sound behind it. Mm-hmm. And I think that could save you so much time too. Mm-hmm. And then like if you are feeling confident that day, like get on camera, record yourself, and then can batch it for later on, and then that way you have content and then getting out there and posting it, it'll make you more comfortable to do it more casually. Yeah. Do you agree with that? Yeah, definitely. I feel like batching content is so. Convenient because we are all so busy. Mm-hmm. Especially if you wanna like start in the content creation space, you probably have like jobs or kids or whatever, like we're all busy, so if you have like a couple of hours or a day or whatever, like batching content, it can be so helpful. But it's that same thing, like you start to feel comfortable. Yeah. Like if I know I need to do like. Maybe a workout for my clients or if I need to do like a meal plan or something, I'll like get all of that content done and then I have like all of these little, you know, bits or whatever that I could then repurpose and use on Instagram and make a reel. Yeah. Or post on my feed or whatever. Like that repurposing of content is so huge right now. Mm-hmm. Because it really is like al, so much stuff goes to waste And then even with what we were talking about earlier with like faking it till you make it, and what you said used to do with like that face wash that was trending and stuff. That's actually so smart to do because you're just building your portfolio. Mm-hmm. So did you ever do like U G C content? No. No, I don't think so. So that's just like when a brand will basically pay for you to do exactly what you did, so, oh, yeah. I'd never heard of it in that term. Okay. Yeah, so it just user generated content. So they'll basically pay you to do, like, make a video and then. You won't post it on your behalf, but you'll send it back to them and then they'll make like a sponsored out of it. Mm-hmm. So it's like someone actually, actually using their product. Yeah, yeah, yeah. When it's like they basically paid for someone to use their product. So even if like you are faking it till you make it and like making. Fake videos, basically off brand deals. That is actually a very smart idea. And to get into the marketing space, I would highly recommend you doing that. Mm-hmm. Because you can like sign up and to do ugc, so they'll pay you 200 to thousands of dollars to make these videos. Mm-hmm. Depending how big you are. But they'll ask for your media kit and usually in your media kit you have to include some examples of your work. Yeah. So very smart for you to do that. Yeah. Love that. Oh yeah. 15 year old Emily. She was killing it back then. She was killing it. She did not have the media kit back then, but yeah. Okay, let's kind of talk about your. Self-care journey, like your self-love journey. So when you started kind of learning about nutrition and stuff, is that when it like fueled your interest for taking better care of yourself as a whole? Because I feel like you are the type of person that you like thrive on like self-love, personal development. Mm-hmm. You know, growth and all those different aspects. Yeah. Was it like a chain of events? Yeah, definitely. It didn't like happen like really fast at all. So when I was, so I only went to college for like a year and a half and, but while I was in college, I gained a lot of weight. So it's, I guess that's like typical. But when I graduated high school, I was only 95 pounds. Like very small. Yeah. Yeah, just like didn't really hit puberty till much later. Like, I was very, very small. So when I started going to college, obviously started like eating and drinking. I started developing like I never had curves before. Mm-hmm. Like, it was just things that happened, I guess, to girls when they're in high school or even younger. Like all that stuff happened very later for me. So like, Just talking about like body image and women and things like that. I didn't get my period until I was 18, like Okay. Very, very late. So when I was in college and I started like having curves and gaining weight and all these things, it was like so scary for me because I had never been that way before. And all of my friends were like, this is like, you should be excited that you need to go buy a bra. Because I never had to like, so it was just very weird for me cause I was so used to seeing myself as. This and now I'm this. Okay. So it was like a little bit of a, like an identity. Yeah, it was, it was a small identity crisis, I swear. Like, because I was like, what's going on? And then even just like people in my life started noticing, so like, like guys that I used to go to high school with were like messaging me on Instagram and saying like, whoa, what happened? Because I was like a child before and now I'm like a woman. Like it was very strange. But because of all these things happening, I had to like, Kinda learn like how to take care of my body. Cuz like I said before, like when I was dancing and you know, eating whatever I wanted, like I was always the same weight, I was always the same size. Didn't really matter. Now I like feel uncomfortable with my clothes. Yeah. And like, I'm not an extra small anymore. And like all of those things that, I guess sometimes when you talk about it, it's like almost laughable. But it's like when you know yourself as one thing for so long Yeah. And now you're something else, it's like really hard to, you know, deal with that. Sure. So I started like, You know, all the things started like working out every day and doing like the AB challenges on Pinterest and doing whatever challenge on Instagram and drinking lemon water and you know, all of the things that like you see online. Yeah, yeah. I did everything and I wasn't losing weight, like never lost weight, never saw results in the gym. Like nothing was ever happening for me. And then when I started going to this place that I. Used to do the Instagram for with the healthy shakes and the energizing teas and whatever. I started drinking these shakes and I was like losing weight. Yeah. And I had more energy and all of these things that I had heard about but didn't really think would actually work for me. I started like seeing results and I was like, okay, so if I drink this shake and I eat a healthy meal and I drink more water and I do like the basics. Yeah. Like you can actually see results. Where before I was like trying to go to the gym every day and trying to eat these crazy foods that are supposed to help you lose weight and whatever. It was almost like, okay, do these basic things and like it will actually work for you. Just like, yeah. Just go back to the basics. Yeah. Go back to the basics. So, When I started seeing like actual results, I was like, okay, like I need to like tap into this more. And luckily like in this community, like with our nutrition stores and all of the coaches that I work with and things like that, like everyone is just so community. Like focused. Yeah. And like everyone's there to help you succeed. So being in this group, I was so much more motivated to like, go get in a workout or maybe like, make a better breakfast or do these things. And then I started. Just to pretty much go from there. Like it just kind of kept escalating. Yeah. I don't know. I feel like I just had to learn that like, you know, I couldn't just eat McDonald's and like, you know, life was gonna be the same. Like, you have to just evolve and learn that like you're not a kid anymore. Yeah. You know? But I definitely think it was like, It was definitely gradual. Like I'm still learning, obviously all the time, every single day. Like our bodies are always changing. Yeah, yeah. And I think that I'm more excited to learn about it now than I was before. Mm-hmm. But that just comes with like, you know, the business meeting new people like mm-hmm. One of my best friends actually is doing like a. A challenge kind of thing where she's learning about like her hormones and smart, she's learning about like, just all these things in our body that like we just don't know about. Yeah. And she's been trying like different like she'll eat different foods on different days and do different workouts and she's learning how to cycle it and all these things. And just by watching her do it, I'm like, oh my gosh, this seems so interesting. But like 20 year old Emily would never want to do that. Yeah, yeah. You know, so it's just, I think the more you're exposing yourself to it Yeah. The more you'll learn to be open to it too. Yeah. But yeah. So you basically took like small habits, so you started small. We went back to the basics. Mm-hmm. And then just building gradually on top of that. Yeah. So like starting with your nutrition and would you say you started with nutrition or working out which working first? I would say that I like tried working out. But I didn't see results until I like stepped into the nutrition side. Okay. Yeah. Nutrition's so important. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah. But like you don't know that until, you know. Yeah. So like I used to go, like I said, I used to go to the gym and like nothing happened. And so that's why when I started with the nutrition aspect of it and learning like, you need to eat. Like I wasn't eating before, like all these things. Yeah. I started, yeah, definitely nutrition. Nutrition and then, you know, putting the workouts together with nutrition and then just building on top of that. Mm-hmm. Like building solid habits. Mm-hmm. And then as you like, kind of headed down this journey, like you. I'm asking, did you develop like more just self-love for yourself? Mm-hmm. More respect for yourself? Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I think another amazing part of the community that I'm in is that like personal development is so important. Mm. Like every single month we have like training events where we'll discuss the products and discuss the business, but there is so much personal development being shared at the events. A lot of like mindset training and personality training, and just like. How to think and how to feel and how like that's so important in our daily lives. And so I think because of this community, like it almost like pushed me to tap into it more. Like people would always say like, listen to Jim Roan and Okay, listen to like the founder of our company and like things like that. And at first it was like silly, like if you are looking to start personal development or if you're looking to, you know, a lot of people are listening to podcasts now, which is great. Yeah. But realistically, like, it's weird at first. Mm-hmm. Like when you start listening to like, Self-help and Yeah. Yeah. Self-love and things like that. It's almost like it doesn't get in your head at first. It takes a little bit time. Like cringy at first too. Yeah. Like you, it's almost like you're like, okay. Yeah. It's like you hear all the things like, oh, you gotta do affirmations, you gotta manifest, you gotta do your vision board. And it's like, shut up already, honestly. Mm-hmm. Like, it's, it's a lot at first, and I think you gotta break it down into small. Pieces to be able to kind of incorporate it into your life. Yeah. And to like really like take a deep breath and like actually listen to what they're saying. Mm-hmm. Regardless of like whatever negative thoughts that you have or, you know, cuz there is so much out there. But I started by just listening to like small snippets of personal development like in the morning. Yeah. And in the afternoon really just when I was driving. And it was very mindless because I would just put it on like on my commute to work and yeah, on my way home. But a lot of times it doesn't really. Like set in with you until you've been doing it for a while. Yeah. And like I would listen to the same clips over and over and over again until I was like, okay, I get it now. That's smart. Mm-hmm. So I actually think that's so refreshing to hear that like, almost like personal develop didn't come natural to you. Mm-hmm. No. Like it wasn't in your personality, like off the rip. No. Which I feel like some people, it is like, to me, I think I am that kind of person. Like I just, it, I've always loved it. It's always come natural. I always wanna learn about it, but I think it's really refreshing to hear for you that. It's something you actually actively had to work on and tell your, like, tell your brain like, this is what we're doing and we're gonna take it piece by piece and in little chunks, like, that's so smart. Mm-hmm. Yeah. I'm still not like all, all in, like, I'm still learning how to do this all the time because I was not that person. Mm-hmm. Like, like just small background, but like not a big family person. Like not a lot of love in my life. Not a lot of like this positive, like happy go lucky type. Mentality. I was always very much like, you know, on my own, do my own thing. This is what you have to do. You have to work hard. Mm-hmm. And like this whole like mushy love, positive, whatever, like that just was not me. Yeah. So when I first started learning about like, personal development and really like diving into like me, like why do I think this way? Why do I feel this way? Like, what triggers this in me? And like, why am I who I am? Mm-hmm. Like it was hard cuz it was just like, no, that can't be true. No, that can't be it. It has to be this. Yeah. And so, yeah, like. A lot of like really small changes like listening to things at small at a time. Like I just got the five minute journal. Mm-hmm. Like last week, I'm literally on like day five and I would see people post it all the time. Yeah. And I'd be like five minutes. Like, like, and I was like negative about it, like still to this day. And then I saw it at the paper store the other day and I was like, you know what? Like I've been making fun of this for so long. Let me just do it. Like why don't I try it? And I'm on day five and already I'm like waking up in the morning, writing in the journal. Okay. Writing in it before I go to bed. And I already see like small changes. I love that. Yeah, cuz I've definitely like tried journaling before, but same thing, it was always like my brain was just going, it didn't come natural too. No. Like I couldn't just sit there and like write what I was grateful for without thinking about a million things that I was supposed to be doing or thinking about work or think. Yeah. Like my brain is so go, go, go all the time. Yeah. I'm a huge scatterbrain, so I feel like it's like hard for me to just like stop and do one thing at a time. So with this five minute journal, like I used to make fun of it, but it's like it's five minutes. Like I can turn off for five minutes and do this. Where I think that, I used to think that I would have to like journal for an hour mm-hmm. Or something, you know? Yeah. I think we can tend to take things to the extreme with like mm-hmm. Personal development and self-growth. Yeah, self like development too. Like, we think like we have to journal for a wicked long time and you know, take all this time out of our life. And it's like you said, just incorporate small little pieces of it throughout your day. I even say this with, when it comes to faith and like mm-hmm. You know, when people want to grow like their Christianity and stuff. Like some people will think that they need to sit down and read like a whole book in the Bible, which will take you hours. Right. And like put all this time. So I listen to a full sermon every day. It's like, that's not gonna be sustainable. Mm-hmm. Same with self. Self-growth and stuff, just how can you incorporate it into your day. Mm-hmm. That'll almost come natural to you. So five minutes in the morning, five minutes at night, or on your lunch break, driving to work. Mm-hmm. Things like that. I think that is so, so important. And just building sustainable habits. Yeah. Yeah. You definitely, because I'm the same way. I'm like an all in or all out. I'm a very type person. I'm a test person too. Yeah. And I, I'm still learning how to control this with like fitness too, cuz I tend to like go all in. When, when I'm like tracking my food and going to the gym, and on a routine, like I go, if you know me, I go like all in. And if people follow me on Instagram, like for a while, they start to notice. They'll be like, oh, if you're not posting in the gym, like you're not going to the gym. I'm like, you're right. Like I'm not. And so I feel like I'm, I'm that person. I go all in on something and then the second that I stop, I stop hard. Yeah. And so right now I'm like in this phase of my life where I'm learning how to balance it out and it's like still so tricky. Like I have like the nutrition part balanced for the most part. Yeah. But with like movement, it's been really hard cuz when I start going to the gym, I wanna go every day. Yeah. I wanna go twice a day and then it's same thing, not sustainable. Yeah. So I'm like learning how to do that, but I am excited about like the self-care side of it because with this journal alone, yeah. I'm learning how to like take five minutes out of my day in the morning and at night. And like sometimes I'm like, oh, I have to do that. Like that actually happened today. I was like running late. I woke up late, I was trying to get here to open the store and I was like, I need to take five minutes to write in this journal. Like, yeah. Yeah. Because I know it'll make the difference. And when I came into work today, I was like, okay. Like I feel like this way off my shoulders. Yeah. I get, like this said, I set good intentions for the day. Like I, you know, was grateful for what I had in the morning. Yeah. And all of these things. And it really does change your mindset for the entire day. Mm-hmm. When you set yourself up like that. Yeah. So I, you know, and it's, it's not something that you really understand until you do it too. Until you do it. Yeah. Mm-hmm. For the people who don't know, what is the five Minute Journal? So the five minute Journal is like this trendy thing, but I've learning that it really does work. So basically by reading the journal, it has like, you know, kind of like what it's there for at the beginning of it, but it's basically teaching you how to set intentions for the day, teaching you how to have gratitude for what life looks like right now. And just like shifting your mindset Yeah. For the, for the beginning and for the end of your day. So in the five Minute Journal, there's basically a page for every single day. So when you wake up in the morning, you will write like three things that you wanna accomplish that day, or like three things that you're looking forward to in the day. You'll set like today's affirmation, so like, maybe like one thing that you, you know, are really feeling that day. You like, speak over yourself. Yeah. Yeah. That you speak over yourself and then you will at the end of the day, You will share like the highlights of the day and then something that you learned okay. In the day. So it's kind of cool cuz like the first day I did it, I was sitting there for so long, like, ah, what am I gonna write? What am I gonna write? Like, because you feel like it has to be done a certain way too. And it's like, no looking at this, it's just yours. Yeah. Its your thought. Like the first day I was like, oh, what's my affirmation? Like, I need to think of something creative and something good, something good. Yeah. Like, and it's just like, Emily, no one's looking at this, but you tonight before you go to bed. And so I'm definitely getting better at it and like learning to be more grateful for the small things. Mm-hmm. Like when I woke up this morning, I woke up super late, but I wrote down like, I'm grateful that I get to go to work for myself today. Yeah, yeah. Like, like things like that. And it's like you start to, especially because you have to write what you're thankful for every single day. And like we have this instinct, like we can't repeat ourselves. So it's like forcing you to, you know, really open your mind up and be like, I'm thankful for the small things. Yeah. Like I'm thankful for my health today. Like I'm thankful for the fact that like in our old department we had like no windows. So like yesterday I wrote like, I was so thankful for the huge windows in our bedroom now. Like just little things like that that you might not think of. Yeah. Especially when people ask you like, what are you grateful for? Oh yeah. And like some people only hear that at Thanksgiving and like never again, you know? So it like makes you think about like the things, you know, the little things because we have so much that we forget about. It's crazy. But yeah, that's a five minute journal. You should definitely all go get it. It's so, it's, it's working. That's right. Yeah. I, I also do journal. I am a big journaler. I love to get my thoughts out on paper, gets it out of my head. And I don't have a guided journal. That's a very smart idea. Maybe I'm almost at the end of my pages for this one. Mm-hmm. Maybe I'll get a guided journal. But I basically, I just do, I write down my prayers cuz I'm a scattered brain. Mm-hmm. So I write down my prayers and then I write down my affirmations. I write like gratitude and I write 1, 2, 3, and then I have to sit there and I just sit there. More times than not for a long time. And I'm just like, what am I grateful for? Like, it's like you have so much to be grateful for on a daily basis, but like when you're in these moments, you're like, I don't know. Mm-hmm. But I do come up with some of those that you said too. I usually do end up writing down, like working from home. Like I'm just so grateful that like there are days that I get to just like be at home. No one's bothering me. Like I, I love that. Mm-hmm. And then I do my affirmations and then just any other thoughts I have, I can jot'em down, but, Yeah. So if you guys don't journal, highly recommend. Mm-hmm. Recommend it. If people are looking to start a healthy lifestyle, they're like, okay, I'm sick of how I feel and I want to get going here. Mm-hmm. What would you tell'em? What's your advice for them? I feel like step one is like finding a coach or like finding a mentor. Finding someone that you can trust and ask questions and look up to, like, finding one person is so huge because I feel like there's so much information out there. Mm-hmm. Like I could tell you like a million things, but. If you don't like trust me and know me, and you know what I mean, like, you're not gonna stick to it, it's not gonna be sustainable. So I feel like finding someone that you can look up to and really have to hold you accountable mm-hmm. You know, to stay up with and things like that is so important. If you feel like you have nobody, like of course you can go online and find someone and do the research, but. I feel like there's so many people like right at your fingertips that you might not even true know of. I think that it's super important to like, find what bothers you. Like, find, find why you want change. Yeah. Like, you know, are you not feeling well because of the way you look? Or is it because of the way you feel? And a lot of times it's. Kind of all of the above. Yeah. Getting down to like the root cause. Yeah. Like, because if you're not that out first, if you're not happy in the body or you're in, I heard this somewhere the other day, that you can't hate yourself into a body that you're gonna love. Mm-hmm. So getting down to loving yourself where you're at now and now, now we improve on where we're at. Mm-hmm. I think that's so important. Yeah. And like being realistic with yourself and like maybe the ways that you're not treating yourself right. Like, Like the basics, like we were talking about, like are you drinking enough water every single day? Are you having healthier foods or are you always on the go? Always eating through, you know, drive-throughs. Always like never cooking at home. Are you drinking a lot of soda? Are you having a lot of sugars? Like just those little things that, you know, it might just be normal to you. Like a lot of people just. That's like their everyday life. Yeah. Like I used to be that person where I used to like, go to Duncan in the morning, go to Wendy's for lunch, go to my next job. Like I was that person. Like I did it. So I get it. I get that. It's just convenient to live that lifestyle. Yeah. Yeah. But if you, you have to be real with yourself. Like, I'm unhappy with myself because of what I've done this far. Like you are who you are today because of what you've done. And like you can't really blame anyone else for that. So I think that being clear with yourself and just saying like, This is what it needs to change. Yeah. That's like the first step because then you can then seek guidance and find help and all of those things. But I feel like a lot of times, like I have some male clients, but it's mostly girl clients, so I always say like girls, but a lot of times, like people will come to me and they're like, I need to lose weight. Yeah. And it's like, Why, why do you feel like you need to lose weight? You know, like, so it's like finding that root. Mm-hmm. And I feel like in business people say that too. It's like, what's your why? Mm-hmm. Like, why are you doing this? That's like definitely so important to know. Yeah. And to like learn about yourself before taking any next steps. Yeah. Cuz you need something to like kind of go back to. Mm-hmm. So even like. If we just refer this to business, if you're a business owner and you need to have your why, because when things get hard and it's gonna get hard, you need to get back to the, why do you wanna work for yourself? Why do you wanna own your own business and stuff? And then we can definitely translate it over to, mm-hmm. You know, getting healthy, because that also does get hard too, and you get like over it after a while. But you need to have that why that you can come back to. Mm-hmm. And it has to be bigger than you wanna lose weight. Yeah. It needs to be like, maybe you wanna get healthy so you can live a long life for your children. Maybe you are trying to have children and you're trying to work on your fertility and all that kind of stuff. Mm-hmm. So yeah, having a why is important. Yeah. It's so important. Yeah. One of my Like one of my clients recently in our group, like she was like chasing her kids around the house and she was out of breath. She was like, I need to lose weight. But it's like you have to have that, like you said, cuz otherwise it's gonna be so easy to give up. It's gonna be so easy to say like, that didn't work. Mm-hmm. Like, cuz realistically, when it comes to like the health and wellness space, like things work if you work them. Yeah. You know, even the basics, like if you just drank more water, had enough protein, had enough sleep, like just those three things, like we'll get people like life changing results. Yeah. And it's like, you know, it's not rocket science, but it's just going all in and like following the basics. Mm-hmm. Will like really, really make a difference. Yeah. Yeah. Do you have anything else that you would say is your, just if you wanna start a healthy lifestyle I don't know. I feel like just making it like work for you and like being happy in it too. Mm-hmm. Like if you are trying to start a diet or start a new workout routine or whatever it is that you're doing, if it's not like something that you look forward to. You're not going to do it. Yeah. You know what I mean? Like, one thing for me right away was like like a morning routine that like works for me, helps me wake up, helps me. I like get excited for it. Like when I wake up I'm like excited to make my tea. Yeah. I'm like so ready to go. I'm like, oh my gosh, can't wait to make that tea. Or like, the days that I'm like home and working from home, I love making like my protein coffee at home, like, because I enjoy it. Yeah. So it's like if you can find what you enjoy, it is so much easier to sustain. Like one of my good friends, she loves lemon water. Like that's her thing. So she's like, I wake up every single day, I make my lemon water and I look forward to it. Now if like she told you that and you're like, yeah, this is disgusting. I don't wanna drink, I don't want those. Yeah, like, then don't do it because if it's not something that you like and that you enjoy, like you're not gonna Yeah. Do it and you're not gonna continue it and then it's not gonna give you, you know, what you want out of it. Yeah. So I think like just finding a routine that you. Thoroughly enjoy. Mm-hmm. And that comes to like working out too. Yeah. Like I recently found Pilates and I love it, but like one of my best friends went with me, absolutely hated it. So she's not gonna go back like, she's a runner. She's like, I love running. Yeah. And that's her thing. So it's like just being open to finding your thing when it comes to health. Mm-hmm. When it comes to wellness, like fitness, anything like that, because, We're all so different. Yeah. And it doesn't have to be like, it doesn't have to be something that you have to work through. You know what I'm saying? Like it doesn't have to be a challenge. Yeah. And something you hate. It can be something you enjoy. Yeah. Yeah. And I think it can be so hard finding, quote unquote, your thing. Mm-hmm. Because like TikTok and Instagram stuff, like everybody has a morning routine now, and everyone's sharing their morning and nighttime routine. It's like, well, theirs looks really nice. Like I want theirs to be mine. Mm-hmm. And. You have to like tell yourself, like you gotta do, like what works for you, like basically what you're saying because you're gonna get caught up with like making a 12 step routine. That's just not your routine. Mm-hmm. Yeah. But yeah, finding a routine that works for you and finding workouts that work for you. Like that's something that I've been on like a little journey for which, like, I've been working out for like 10 years now. Like it's. Whatever. But recently I feel like it just became like a routine to me, but like in a negative way. So like you have your good routines. Mm-hmm. Like your morning at nighttime, and then it's like sometimes you fall into these ruts basically. And I'm like just trying to figure out what do I like to do again. Mm-hmm. You know, like you said, you found Pilates, have not gotten on the Pilates train yet, which I feel like is so popular right now. It's, it's so funny, I started taking it and then it was like trending and I was like, you started doing it before started trending. Yeah. Yeah. And I think everybody's talking about it right now. I, I kind of try, I'm noticing it like in the class, like. So I follow an influencer that was taking it. She's in her thirties and like her body just like transformed. Yeah. Like she's always been super healthy, kind of worked out, didn't really work out. And we have very similar body types. So I saw her taking like Pilates and I was like, that looks like so fun. Like, I used to be a dancer, so I used to be really flexible and like I didn't really tap into that. Yeah. Like I went from like hardcore competitive dancer to. Like body building, like really fast. And I feel like my whole body's a mess from it. Like whatever. But I was like, I need to get back to like that side. Yeah. Of like my life. So I ended up finding a studio right near my house and I walked in. I was the only one under 30 probably there, it was like mainly forties and 50 year old women taking this class. And I was kind of intimidated at first because they're able to do these things that like we just cannot do. Like very small muscle groups, a lot of ab work, like all these things. But now there's tons of girls our age in the classes and I'm like, Oh, shoot. Yep. Pilates is trending now. Pilates is trending, but yeah, like, but if I didn't like go take the class, like, I would never know. Yeah. That I liked it, you know? Yeah. I, like I said, I, I haven't tried Pilates yet, and I feel like I wouldn't like it. I'm not flexible whatsoever. Mm-hmm. And I definitely need to work on my core strength, but I feel like it's great for like tapping into like your feminine energy. Mm-hmm. Instead of like body building where you're like, Releasing all this testosterone and stuff. Mm-hmm. So do you feel like that's kind of helped you too? Yeah. I, I feel like that cuz I was, when I was doing a lot of body building like, I was like the only like small blonde, skinny girl in the gym, which was fine. And like it is fun to like lift heavy weights. Yeah. Like I do love that side of like, me in the gym. But I do feel like when I went to Pilates it was like much more feminine energy. You do a lot that's like geared more towards the women like our bodies too. So you do a lot of exercises that are just geared towards us and it's very like, Let's help you get this workout in versus where I feel like a lot of things are just more male focused. Mm-hmm. Like in the gym in general. Yeah, too. Like a lot of workouts, a lot of routines. A lot of diet. Literally all the stuff that's out there is just very male focused. So learning like. How to switch it over to a woman's perspective. Yeah. Has been really cool. And I feel like it's just like a more calming workout. Mm-hmm. Like it's not very heavy and aggressive and loud music. It's effecti and like Yeah. But you still like leave the class like sore as hell and like tired and sweaty and like you need to post-workout, but you didn't like lift all this crazy heavy weight. Yeah. You know what I mean? So it's definitely a nice change. I like doing them both together. Like my ideal. Routine would, would be to do like Pilates a couple days a week, body building, a couple days a week like yoga. That would be like so perfect cuz mixing the two. I feel like I felt my best. Yeah. Yeah. I actually read a book that, in, in the book it said that our culture is based off of, Masculine energy. Mm-hmm. So like our hustle culture, the way our days are structured, like us starting work at like nine to five, that's when men are at their peak testosterones around like nine o'clock. Mm-hmm. And then, you know, at five o'clock they're ready to be social. That's why you go out for happy hour and stuff. Mm-hmm. So like our culture is literally based on like the male. Masculinity and stuff. So being able to have something that's mm-hmm. Geared towards femininity is actually pretty cool. Yeah. That's so funny cause I was listening to a podcast yesterday that literally said that, like talking about the exact same thing, how like our universe is just structured around like men and their bodies and their minds and like everything. So like, We as women have to learn how to adapt and like change the way we feel and think and look and whatever to them. Yeah. So like, just learning more about it is really interesting. Yeah. Because it is so crazy when you think about it. It's so true. And like being able, once you know, you're, you're able to. Better align yourself. Mm-hmm. To okay. Cuz I mean, masculine and fem energy is so important. And the more you're like, getting outta line with yourself is not good for your health and stuff, and you're gonna mm-hmm. See all these issues, blah, blah. So being able to, you know, being aware of it and then, then you're able to kind of shift back towards to the things that you need to do for yourself. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. Well, I have very much enjoyed this conversation with you, Emily. Thank you so much for coming on the course. Of course. Yeah. Thank you for having me on. It's been fun. Where can the audience find you? Yeah, so I'm mainly on Instagram. That's like my hub. That's my go-to at Emily Pattery, just my first and last name. I am. A little bit on like TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, all the other things. You can find me there, but my most recent real Emily in this life is gonna be on Instagram. You can also find the women's empowerment group that we were talking about. Mm-hmm. It's evolve and elevate you on Instagram. There. We host all of our challenge and women's empowerment groups and things like that. Everything is online so you can join from wherever, but a lot of local events do happen to, so if you're in the area, you can definitely find us on there. And then my businesses that I own are also on Instagram, so the Fuel House nutrition is this location that we're at now. And then I also own the Daily Grind Nutrition. Those are both on Instagram. So if you're in the Massachusetts area, you can come by and see me and we can connect in person. Oh yeah, definitely. Go check Emily out and thank you again for coming on the show. Yeah, thank you. Thanks guys