Get Out Of Your Own Way with Sam DeSalvo

Secrets to Increase Reach and Profit for Entrepreneurs with Award-Winning Michelle Hon

August 01, 2023 Samantha DeSalvo Season 1 Episode 14
Get Out Of Your Own Way with Sam DeSalvo
Secrets to Increase Reach and Profit for Entrepreneurs with Award-Winning Michelle Hon
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I know we've got entrepreneurs of all experience levels tuning in, and that's fantastic! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out on your business journey, there's something here for everyone. So, get ready to be inspired and empowered!

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Hello, my friends, and welcome back to another episode of the get out of your own way podcast. I'm your host, Sam Savo, and this podcast, we get to talk all things healthy living. So that includes business, wellness, motivation, and productivity. If you're new here, I post episodes every single week and they usually come out on Wednesdays. So I'm hoping that you guys. Stick around and then if you're returning, welcome back. I'm so glad you're here as well. Today's episode is a guest episode. I got to sit down with Michelle Han. She is an award winning mentor, speaker, and author. She's also the owner of the MomBoss Academy. So if you're not a mom, I encourage you just to Stick and listen to this episode, whether you're a man, woman, or a mother, I think you'll find something valuable in this episode because we got to talk all things entrepreneurship and kind of the components that you need to be a successful entrepreneurship. And if you are somebody who's been thinking about getting into it or you're somebody that's already in it and you're like, I don't know if this is for me anymore, and I don't know if I can keep going in this, then I encourage you to listen to this episode. There really is something in here for every single one of you. So don't forget you can follow me on Instagram at Sam DeSalvo, S A M D E S A L V O. I'd love to get to connect with you guys and get to know you a little bit more. And don't forget to share this episode on social media. You never know who you could be helping by sharing it. And just to let you guys know, this is also available on YouTube. So if you'd prefer the video version to, you know, See us interacting with one another. I think it, it makes it a little bit more fun. If that's your style, you can find us on YouTube as well. And let's jump into today's episode guys. Michelle, thank you so much for coming on today's podcast. I'm very excited to speak with you today. So for my audience, Michelle is an award winning. Author, mentor, and she's the founder of the mom boss Academy. So she has so much knowledge to bring to my audience today. And I'm so excited to have you on here. Thank you so much. Hi, Samantha. Thank you so much for having me. It's my pleasure. Yeah. So how about we just start with giving the audience a background. How did you get started in working with just female entrepreneurs in general? Like, what, did you always have a passion and think you'd end up here? Oh, thank you so much for that question. And and giving me the airtime to share my story. It's a bit of a long journey getting here. And I must say that it's. I think the, the, the career or the business found me rather, I did certainly did not set out. If you ask me short 10 years ago, what I'll be doing in 10 years, this is absolutely not in the plan. So what happened was I quit my soup and salad bar business to be a stay at home mom. Originally I'm from Malaysia, currently living in Singapore. So. We did not have the family support. So when my first child came along, I'm either going to put her into an infant care center and go work in my business for 13 hours a day. And I decided, no, that's not what I wanted. I have to shout. I want to be at home with her. So I was ready to. Give up my career to be a stay at home mom, six months into the stay, the whole stay at home mom gig. I realized that that's not for me. I woke up and I realized that what else is there? What can I do from home and, and I did not want to rely on my husband financially, at least not a hundred percent, right? I want some sort of my own income. And at that point, people were still reading blogs and I decided, right, I'm going to start a blog and I started blogging about. My experience around pregnancy and early motherhood, just because that's something that I was going through long story short, I turned the blog into a maternity concierge business where I help expecting parents plan the arrival of the babies. And naturally I blog about that too. And my readers were like, Hey, Michelle, we. We were reading your story of how you were just this mom and now you're running a business. How did that come about? And so then I started getting DM. This is when Instagram starts to picked up and people were like sending me messages about, can you teach me about how to start a business from home? Or I have their business from home. What can I do now? And so then I started consulting one on one. And I realized that now it's still taking a lot of my time away from my child. What can I do about it? So just. Right at the start of 2020, the start of COVID, we start launching our very first online program which is a 90 days online program to help moms find their business idea, validate it, and launch the business in 90 days. And to date, how many years since? Three years since, we have, we now have three signature programs and a membership. Wow, that's amazing. How many children do you have? I have three now. Three now, so you started all of this when you only had one, one little girl, I'm assuming? Yeah, so she was six months old. Wow. Yeah, so she's turning, yeah, she's turning 11. So it's like, yeah, 10 and a half years that I've been doing business from home. So way before, you know, COVID, when people were like, Oh, this, you know, work from home sort of things, I started doing it like 10 years ago. So this is nothing new to me. Did you find that your business picked up when COVID happened? Cause a lot of more people were like transitioning to working at home. Yeah, I must say it, it turned out to be sort of like a good timing for me. I mean, prior to that, you know, people were happy where they are. And I think when COVID happened, it really make people question about the life choices. And are we really have been spending too much time at work and not enough from home? And now that more mums. Are allowed to work from home, even if they have a full time job. And now they're looking at options now that they are working from home, then they realize that they don't need to be working nine to five and whatever hours that they carve out, they are looking to build a side hustle for themselves. And I read this study somewhere that. Almost a hundred percent of Gen Z is now, I mean, to them, having a side hustle is a necessity. Nobody is relying on their main job anymore. Yeah, yeah. Wow. Okay. So first of all, to all my listeners who are listening to this, I just want to mention that it is 10pm for Michelle right now. She's like, she said, she's in Singapore. So she is a trooper for hopping this on this call right now. I'm just like, kind of getting my day started and she's ending her day. She's heading to bed after this. So she's such a trooper for hopping on this call with me. Oh, thank you. I'm just pumped to be here. I'm just like, okay, let me just Yeah, I'm just, I'm just happy to be here and sharing my message. Thank you. Wow, that's so great. And so I know that you kind of started your passion when you became a mom, but do you help other women or do you mostly focus with just moms? I focus on just moms just because I know what they're going through the, the constraints that they may have. Yeah, having said that, since we started, although my core. audience of moms, we do have a lot of women and dads who are joining the academy. Yeah. Cause I, I would assume, like, I think it's great that you have niched down and you found your hub of people that, you know, their struggles, you know, their pain points and all that stuff that you can really help them. But. I would like to assume that a lot of the approaches that you take to help women grow their at home in businesses are similar things that like any entrepreneur, men or women could apply to their businesses as well. Yes, spot on that's them. That's right. I mean. At the end of the day, yes, while moms have more constraints, I think, yeah, we, we all have certain mindset that we have to go past and the strategies are similar. Yeah. So would you mind walking me through kind of what it looks like being part of the mom boss, like Academy and what are some of the strategies that you help mom. A woman and men help to increase their profit and grow their business. Okay. So this would be for those who have started a business, but they find themselves unable to grow. And these are generally what I call stagnant entrepreneurs. Like in this day and age, it's actually easy to start a business. It's just everything is at our fingertips. It's so easy to start a business. The problem is people start the business because they wanted financial freedom or time freedom. But what they ended up doing is they work longer hours. And they're stuck in the business. So the first mindset shift that they have to get over is to get rid of the employee mindset, right? Cause they're so used to working for someone and they believe that in order for them to earn the money, they have to put in the hours. But that's not true anymore. Now you're the business owner. You need to think like a business owner. How can I get maximum profit out of my business without investing the time? Oh, wow. So what we do is we typically help stagnant entrepreneur who work long hours, who maybe find themselves. I know a lot of entrepreneurs now they are spending a lot of time on social media. Posting all the time, but I'm able to get attention and they find like, what have I done? And they have sort of like become a reluctant content creators that, Oh my God, day in, day out. I'm just thinking of content, content, content. What can I do? And so what we do is we help them really think about what sort of assets that you can build into your business. And if you really think about it, it is the assets that help us. Gain wealth. It's not the effort. It's not the time that we need to build in. So there are six assets that we need to build into our business, and this is typically the six areas that we help entrepreneurs in reaching more people and also increasing profit without putting in more time. And number one is clarity. And without clarity, you can't have the other five pieces. So number one is clarity. Again, you know, it's back to Really basic, who are you trying to target? What is the purpose of the business? Why are you in business? Yeah. Those things have to be very clear because very often people start a business and they're being pulled into different directions that different opportunities is so exciting and they lose focus of why they're in business. So number one is clarity. And then we look into building an online profile. Because in this day and age, when people Google you and they can't find you, your name or your business name, then you don't have credibility. Exactly. Right. Unfortunately, no matter how good you are, you are, Google says who you are. So we built online profile. Not only that, if someone Googles your name you will also have other publications mentioning about what you do. It's not, it's not just, Oh, your own website or your social media popping out. We want media coverage and how do we get other people covering us as well? And that gives us instant credibility and social proof. And the third thing is content. Of course, we still have to be building content and putting out content because that's how we drive traffic into our business, but you don't have to be posting every day. You just need to be clear. Of course you need to have the piece of clarity first. And then now that you have your online profile, your brand story, now you can create compelling content to drive the intended audience to you, right? It's not about going viral. There's no point in going viral if they're not your customers. Exactly. And then we have offers. Of course, we need to put out amazing offers only then, right, we will build our online funnel. And a lot of time people don't have a good funnel. They drive people to like, maybe the Amazon shop or in, in. Asia specifically, it would be Shopee and Lazada, and it's really a marketplace where you spend all your money and effort trying to drive traffic only to drive people to a marketplace and they get competition things popping out and your traffic went nowhere, right? And after that, the last piece of how you can grow is of course, partnerships and collaborations. Right. I mean, yeah, because a lot of time people are like, Oh, I want to grow and I will need to go into partnerships, but they don't have all these assets backing them up. So. So even if you go to an affiliate and an affiliate done the best, do the best to promote you, but whoever they promote you to is going to research you, is going to drive them somewhere. And if you drive them nowhere and it won't end up converting. So there's no point forming partnerships if you don't have all these other places in place. In a nutshell, that's it. And as a business owner myself, I definitely can see how all those pieces work together to kind of create a really good business plan. So in the mom boss Academy and what you do to support entrepreneurs, are these pieces, these components, things that you help them build out? Yeah. Yes. Yes. This is something that it depends. We have entrepreneurs who are at the early stage of the business. They may not have. The money to invest so they would learn and do it themselves, right? I'm not saying that there's no work involved at the start of any business or any type of investment You need to put in the work, but over time if you are working on the right things in your business Over time you can spend less and less time on it because these things would be working for you Yeah And also for entrepreneurs who are a bit Probably, you know, they have the money, but they don't have the time. What we do is we can build that for them. You can work alongside them and build it for them. Yes, because I feel as if in my business, so I own a digital marketing agency. That's the core of my business. Besides this podcast, a lot of the pain points that I deal with is that. I'm just so busy. I'm running a business. I don't have time to be making content. I don't have time to be making videos to post on social media. And I'm sure you get the same setback with moms because they're busy too. Yep. What is your advice for those type of people that say like, I don't, I don't have the time or like, is there a strategy of how you would suggest that they build out their content? I would tell them that. First of all, I would tell them that, you know, all of us have 24 hours in a day, right? I do have a sort of like an exercise that I make them do to figure out, are they really don't have the time or have they been spending time on doing the busy work? It's so easy to, Oh, okay, I, I, I need to do this as this. And then they ended up, Oh, I need to create content. But, but what they've really done is, you know, to get distracted and being on Instagram for two hours and not creating content. So what I do is I get them to list down every single thing that they do every hour of the day, just do it for two days. And then on, like, take a piece of paper, list that all down on the right hand side of the paper and on the left hand side of the paper, write down what are your goals that you're trying to achieve and then try to see of all the tasks that you've done in a day, which one of those lined up with the goals that you want to achieve. And you'll see that there's a lot of things that you think you're doing that is moving the needle Doesn't have to be done by you It could be done by someone else or it could be eliminated or be done later or not at all So in that you are able to find out, you know, all you need is just maybe an hour or two Extra a day that you find yourself, maybe this is a time I can build, spend, you know, building this long term assets that will work for you. Whether it's creating really content or this one, you know, digital marketing funnel that you may need. And that funnel, yes, it may need a bit of time, you know, your lead magnet and all of that, but it will work for you in the long term. And if you think that you don't have the time now, nothing Changes if nothing changed, so it's really up to you. Absolutely. Yeah. And usually the advice that I'll give people when they say like they don't want to do it or they don't have the time to do it is I tell them to record them working to get some view of them doing the tasks that they are doing every day and then you can overlay it. By putting texts on the screen and offering value that way. So it's not like you're speaking to the camera, but you're still drawing your audience and giving them a behind the scenes of what you do in a day. But, and I also want to say, I definitely resonate with you when you said that a lot of people will do just the busy work. Even sometimes it's myself. I get caught up doing the quote unquote busy work that you feel as if you need to do, and it's part of business, it's just what you do. But at the end of the day, is it paying off? Is it. Giving a good return on your investment. And then along with that, I think a lot of people will push content to the side and be like, Oh, I don't have time. Or they'll put the busy tasks in front of it because they're procrastinating because it's the least tasks that they want to do. So they put it at the bottom of the. The barrel and they're like, yeah, I'll get to it. I'll get to it. But in the, in the back of the mind, they're like, I'm never getting to that. You're so right about that. You know, they, they, that's more of like an excuse, right? They just, they just don't want to do something that, that they're afraid of. But unfortunately with. Entrepreneurship is all about doing the things that we don't really want to do. I think, right. It's all about challenging us, putting ourselves in, in situation that we're not comfortable. And yeah, just really get comfortable with uncomfortable. Exactly. Oh, sorry. What's the word? Get, get comfortable with discomfort. And that's how you grow. And I, I get it as well. And sometimes I like to be, why am I still working? So how, why, why do I take on another project? Right. I'm happy here, but at the end of the day, I just think that, you know, if I don't do this now, when? Yeah. And you're like kicking the ball further down the road. And exactly what you just said is like putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, help you grow. I think that is the definition of like entrepreneurship because you will constantly find yourself, whether you're public speaking, putting yourself on social media, like you are constantly, or even simple tasks that you're not comfortable with, like doing taxes. That's one for me. Like, I don't love that stuff and I'm so uncomfortable, but the only way. Out is through. So you kind of have to just put yourself in those situations. And I know that you have mentioned funnels a couple of times and I know what funnels are. I went to college and all that good stuff and I do them for my business, but I think there's a lot of people that just sounds like a marketing buzzword. Would you mind going into a little bit of detail of what a funnel is and how to create a good funnel for your business? Wow, that's, that's quite a loaded question. Well, I think there's, there's, first of all, there's different type of funnels. And what I think is like, instead of overwhelming yourself with, Oh, what's a funnel should I be building? And how do I lead people from like not knowing me to purchasing my product is to first just think about having one landing page that collects. People's email and that's all it is, right? Because whoever who leaves an email with you are much more qualified as a lead than any followers. And here's the thing I always tell people, right? I mean, no, no matter how popular you are on one platform, that's like building your business on a rental piece of land. That could be taken away from any, at any time. First of all, you might get banned or you lose your account. You get hacked or people might just jump platform. It may be a newer, more fresher platform. People may no longer be there. And all your effort goes down in the drain, but people don't change that email. And once you have that email, you can continue to market to them for free because almost free, right? Unless you count the, the, the cost of email CRM software, but otherwise people don't change that email and you can continue to, to, to market to them by sending. Whether you send once a month or once a week newsletter, offering them something of substance. So just start with one landing page. Don't think about the entire funnel. That's just too overwhelming. Start with one landing page where you can give something of value, a discount, whatever it is, just to collect an email first. Just start with that. Yeah. And I think that was a great way that you just broke it down. I know that was a loaded question and there's so much, there's so much detail that can go into a funnel, but I think the best way to define what a funnel is, it's just taking cold leads and funneling again, there's the word. Funneling down to qualified leads that people that might actually be able to, or want to buy your products or services. It's like kind of the best way to define that. So thank you for sharing with that. But what are some of the struggles, like the most common struggles that you see your clients and entrepreneurs face in your business? What are the most common ones? Maybe because I work with women entrepreneurs, so I think we answered the question just now. It's time. I don't have the time. And besides time, I think maybe maybe I think that's just, what do they struggle with? I think they struggle with a lot of things. Okay, time and maybe the perception of others. I think a lot of times, like, they have resistance towards doing or trying anything new. It would be, what would people think if I start putting myself online? What would people think? Oh, if I were to brand myself or start to introduce myself this way, what would people think? So there's a lot of that internal struggle to, to step into a new identity for themselves. And here's the thing, yeah, and you can't grow and become who you want to be unless you, you, unfortunately, you kind of have to become someone else, right? You got to be that someone else to achieve whatever it is that you can achieve. You do need to leave some parts of yourself behind. And especially if you want to deal with, you know, what, what other people would think, and that would definitely hold you back. It's already hard to sort of get over yourself and then to let alone to sort of deal with other people's opinion. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's a big objection that I also hear and can see in entrepreneurs that, or I guess people that want to be entrepreneurs is getting over the fear of what other people may perceive them as, or think of them as. You know, besides what you kind of just said of you have to step into a new version of you, if you want different for your own life, what are the actual pieces of advice you would give somebody to kind of get past those roadblocks? I think for myself personally, I need to, I think What's the, you know, the common thing that that would say is I'm not confident enough. I have this imposter syndrome. And personally, I, I feel that as well, but at the start of my career, in the middle of my career, and still to these days, that certain situation that I find myself uncomfortable with that when I am not sure what am I doing here? And that's when those. Those fears or those self doubt starts to creep in and if when that happens and it still happens how I get over it is I, first of all, reminded myself how I got there. And secondly, is to sometimes just really get over myself. And because it's not because of me, right? So if I am about to step on stage to talk to a thousand people, I normally get nervous. I would actually tremble behind, you know backstage right before I get on. And I often just tell myself that, Hey, this is not about me. Yes, people, you know, I, I would because, you know, we'll start worrying about, oh, they will judge me, you know, am I looking fat here or I'm not wearing the right thing and I don't feel comfortable. My voice sounds weird. All of that. But when I really get over myself and just really think, why am I here today? They're not here. Because of my look, they're not here about anything. They're here because they want to learn something. So if I sort of just get over myself and get over my own ego and just really think about I'm here because they want to learn something and just really think outside of myself and just focus on how can I best deliver this. And if I really do screw up and say the wrong thing, who cares? Just continue and just really place the focus on who it is going. Am I going to help? And if I can change someone's life, or if I could not just about changing someone's life, that's too big. If I could just make one person out of a thousand, have an aha moment and do something else, or have gained more confidence. And then I have done my job and that's all I'm hoping for. So I think when that happens I think the more you put yourself into situation and, and scenarios like that, the more you practice, the more you become confident. And I think confident doesn't come from, oh, you wake up one day and Hmm. Today I'm confident. It's just really have that self integrity. I think the more you tell yourself, what am I going to do? And you do it to your best ability. That's how you become confident. Absolutely. I definitely agree with that so much. So, so much. And I also would like to add that. That is kind of how I got past my fear with public speaking and even my ability to post on social media. I think people are like, how do you do that? Like, how do you get yourself talking camera or whatever? I remember when I was in college and I took a public speaking class and Most people are shivering in their boots. They're like, I just had this epiphany and I was like, when someone is giving a presentation the entire time, you're thinking about what am I going to have for lunch? You're thinking like about all these thoughts about you, like, and you're thinking about like, wow, I hope I can do a, just as a good job as they're doing. Like, you're never really thinking about them. Kind of like what you said, everyone's there for themselves. They're there to learn something from you. They're learned to get inspired by you. So it's always at the end of the day, we are so concerned. with ourselves and not even just in a selfish way. It's just in our natural state of being that we are this way. So since we are so consumed with ourselves, we think that everybody else is thinking about us as much, but at the end of the day, they're holding all of their own in themselves too. So if we can get up there or get on camera and say like, No one actually cares about me all that much. I'm just here to make their lives a little bit better or provide some value into their lives. And we can go in with that attitude. It kind of takes us out of ourselves of what are people going to think about me? And then after they scroll past you or leave the conference or whatever it may be. I'm sorry, you're a second thought like you're gone in the wind. They're on to their next thought. Anyways, it's kind of just one of those things that you will over time. I think if you kind of have the mindset that you were just talking about and what I just mentioned, if you keep that with you, you tend to. I guess carry a little bit less of what other people think about you and instead you think about what kind of value can I bring to the world and also what you just said. This is my last point before I move on. But how can I just help one person? Just, just keep it small. If you just have the mindset, if I could leave, you know, This earth and just, I helped one person make their lives better. I'm going to impact on one person instead of quantifying it until I need, I need a hundred K followers to say, I made it until I need a hundred K followers to say I'm worthy to be posting content. Like, no, you, if you have like me, I have 1500. If you have 1500, that's 1500 people that still care about what you have to say. And like, those are 1500 people. And hopefully one out of the 15 you can get in front of them. So, yeah, yeah. I just, I just said a lot. But yeah, and yeah, and especially on social media, it's so easy to think, Oh, I only have a thousand. I only have 2000. But can you imagine like a thousand people lined up in front of you? That's a lot of people, even if it's just 30, that's a classroom. Absolutely. That's, that's so amazing. So. I have another question for you. So if there are women or men, just entrepreneurs in general, and they want to align their business with their purpose and kind of create a legacy like you have in your business. I know that you're very strong on that. What's some advice you would tell them to help them get aligned with who they are in their core and what they're trying to aim for? Personally, I, how, how I help them is we have a series of questions. Like a series of like 30 questions to sort of get them to get to the core of what they're good at. What are the skills that they have acquired over the professional career? What they're naturally good at? What are some of the common questions that people ask them that they're naturally good at? And those are the questions that would get them to discover what they are naturally good at and what they love doing without even Trying hard at it and also what is important to them. What do they value the most? And personally for me, leaving a legacy means that the wall is a better place after I leave it. And for me is my. Biggest why of why I do what I do is I want the women of the next generation to not have to choose between a career or family because that is what I had to choose and I have to give up my business to be a single mom and You know because of technology advancement, we don't have to do that anymore and I have two daughters So I want them to just have more role models beyond myself, right? Women of my generation, moms of my generation who have started a business and have managed to do both successfully and have managed to grow a business and being present for the growing years. And they don't have to like, Oh, I had. A super successful working mom, but she was never there or, Oh, I have a, you know, stay at home mom who was there all the time, but she was unfulfilled. So I want them to, to just basically have more role models who have walked this path. So it's no longer the path less taken. Yeah, that's great. And the questions that you have them fill out, is that something that they can get in the MomBoss Academy or is that something like you offer as a free resource? Where could they find that? That's a good question. Currently it's actually part of our program. It's in like module one to discover your clarity. Oh, I love that. But that's a good idea. Maybe I should put that up as you know, like a good lead magnet to just get people. Yeah, I think a lot of people would find that interesting. I actually took another course and that was something they had us do too is like go ask your friends for what they would come to you for advice on or what they think your strong suits are. And that's a great way to have insight about who Like God called you to be yeah, because very often we don't realize that, you know, especially women we often sort of just brush it off. Oh, that's just so easy. Why would someone find value in that? Right? You have moms who just could cook amazing, you know, four course meal every night and they think like, oh, that's. That's just something that I've been done for the past 10 years without realizing that, Hey, that's something that people would be interested in learning. What comes easy for you may be difficult and people find value and people may pay for that. For sure. For sure. And I think it's amazing how you are doing. Like how you have the mindset that you don't have to just pick one. You don't have to just be a mom and like that's your identity now. Like you can still be who you were called to be and you can bring your talents and put them forward to, you know, provide for your family, but also like light you up, like make you passionate because I'm not a mom yet, but I definitely keep that in the back of my mind of when I do become a mom, like I don't want to fully lose my identity. Like I know I'm going to love my kids. I'm going to be like embrace that chapter of my life. But I know that I am like a go getter and I love entrepreneurship and I think I always will. So knowing that you can have the both. Together is very reassuring to me. And probably a lot of my listeners that aren't moms yet either. Oh, I sure hope so. Well, I really appreciate you coming on today. I think this conversation has been so valuable and I hope that there are some women who are stuck between, you know, they might be employees right now and they're ready to take. That leap and maybe this conversation was just what they needed to light them up and, you know, take that leap. So I have one last question for you today. And this wasn't on the show notes, but what is your number one tip of what is your number one tip to get out of your own way? My number one tip to get out of your own way is to start believing in yourself. If you don't believe in yourself. Why would others? Yeah. And I think it's also believing you are worthy of big things. You were born to do something great with your life and until you truly believe that for yourself, those things won't unfold for you because the universe won't think that you are deserving for those things or that you can handle it. Yes. And yeah, you are enough. Don't ever wait. There's no, no perfect time, you know, there's no wait until everything is lined up for you perfectly. There's never such a time. And if there is something that you really want to achieve, and it's not Yeah. Because of external pressure or what the society saying that you should be doing even having a business as a mom, if that's not speaking to you, you don't have to do it. But if it's really something that's been tugging at your heart, just, just do it. Just believe in yourself that you are enough right now and you have everything, every resources at your disposal to make it happen. Wow. That's great. Thank you so much. Where can everybody find with you and connect with you? I'm most active on Instagram. So you can find me at the chill mom, MOM and on my website momboss. academy. Awesome. I really appreciate you coming on today. I thought this conversation again was just so valuable and I hope that the audience could take something from it and apply it to their lives. So thank you everybody so much for listening today. I really appreciate you guys. Don't forget to just share this episode with somebody that may find it helpful. You never know who you could be helping by sharing an episode and you guys can connect with me at Sam DeSalvo on Instagram. And until then, I will talk to you guys next time. Thank you guys. Thank you. Bye.