Get Out Of Your Own Way with Sam DeSalvo

FALL RESET: set new routines & autumn bucket list ๐Ÿ‚

September 06, 2023 Samantha DeSalvo Season 1 Episode 19
Get Out Of Your Own Way with Sam DeSalvo
FALL RESET: set new routines & autumn bucket list ๐Ÿ‚
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Hello my friends! Today we are embracing all the FALL vibes. How to set yourself up for success with only 4 months left in this year...I hope this episode gets you pumped up for the autumn season and you are ready to crush your goals!! Connect with me โฌ‡๏ธ 



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Hello, my friends, and welcome back to another episode of the Get Out of Your Own Way podcast. I'm your host, Sam DeSalvo. I post these episodes every single week. They come out on Tuesdays and I talk all things wellness from healthy living, productivity, motivation, and business. I'm so glad that you are here joining us today and I hope you stick around. Right now it's September 1st and I'm recording this and I thought it would be fun to do a fall episode like a getting back into a fall routine and getting motivated for the fall now like transitioning out of summer into the fall what that looks like and how we really can optimize our time. It is like the perfect fall day outside right now too. like I said, it's September 1st, it's obviously not too cool yet, but it's like 70 degrees, a little crisp in the air. It really does feel like fall today, I was like, this is perfect for doing this today. I absolutely love the season of autumn. I think it's hands down my favorite. I love the foliage. I love the weather. I love the season. I do love summer, but there's something about the fall where routines are back into place. People are going back to school, like teachers and such are going back to their jobs every single day. I really do enjoy the fall season the most out of all the seasons. And can we also just mention that there's only four months left of 2023. How crazy is that? I really feel like this year flew by. I feel like we were just around this time like last week. Like I, I just can't believe that we flew through this entire year almost already. Like that really boggles my mind, but I really want to optimize the rest of this year. And I hope you guys do the same. in today's episode, I'm going to be talking about how to get back on track this September and this fall, and how you can put routines back into place, how you can set goals for yourself, and then just some ideas to embrace the season, embrace self care, And all that good stuff. And I also have some big news. guys, we are on episode 19 right now of this podcast, which that means I've been doing it for 19 weeks. I've done an episode every single week and I'm going to produce 20 episodes in this season one. Season two is going to be coming up shortly. I'm going to record after this episode drops, one more will come out, and then I'm going to take like a two week break, get organized, and then come back. For season two, and I really want to reinvent season two. I have some ideas in mind of what I want season two to look like the topics I want to cover. I'm going to be really polishing that over these next two weeks before we jump into it, but I'm really excited. And if there's certain topics that you guys would like to see in season two or like different avenues, you'd like me to travel down. Definitely connect with me on Instagram. You can always reach out to me at Sam DeSalvo, S A M D E S A L. VO and I would love to connect with you and figure out like what kind of episodes you guys would like to hear from me, different topics you'd want me to cover, things like that like I said, two weeks left this episode and one more after this and then we'll take a quick pause and we'll come back for season two. I'm pretty excited about that. I'm excited to come back with some new content for you guys and you know, take a little break. This Definitely. This podcast is definitely a lot of work. And if you guys are watching right now, I am doing a video podcast today. I have been taking a break from doing video podcasts because it really adds a whole extra layer of work. But like I said, in the last episode, I know that they're good for marketing, doing short clips on Instagram, things like that. today I, I sucked it up. I took out the lights. I took out the camera. And I'm sitting here, I got no makeup on today, girl's just sitting as her usual self right now, so hope you enjoyed it. Oh, I finished that book that I talked about in the last podcast. I finished that book the other day. The Seven Year Slip. I mentioned all about it in the last podcast, go check that out. But I just finished it this week and it's a really good book. You guys should definitely check it out. It's called The Seven Year Slip by Ashley Poston. I could have just murdered her last name. I just know it's Ashley P. Definitely go check that out. And then what else did I do this week? I played soccer last Sunday. I played soccer because they needed a player and wow, just wow, that's not my sport, I'm going to be honest with you guys and you know the team made it very clear it's not my sport. I played some defense for them and you know just kind of tried to stop the ball from going in the net. Wasn't always successful, felt like I was running in a million circles the whole time but hey, I got out of my comfort zone, did something that I would never typically do. And it was a good workout though. I mean, I play other sports and stuff, but dang, soccer was a good workout. And then also this week I got to sit down and Basically have like a mentor session about their faith and they just didn't even know how to go about it. I got to sit down with this lovely person and talk about where's the best place to start and like trying to take the The sense of overwhelm off of it, because I guess when you're walking into it, it can just seem like so many pieces that have to fall into place. And I wanted to take that pressure off for them and just say like, listen, take it one step at a time and don't try to complicate it. I think that's what we always do is we always end up complicating things where it doesn't need to be like that. I really enjoyed doing that session with her and I'm hoping I get to do more things like that in the future. I really enjoy doing that because I know how much like my faith has impacted my life and I just want to bring that to other people and I want them to experience the same thing that I did. that's something that I got to do this week, which I'm super So we're happy about along with that East coast creative media. So my business, we are right now we are kind of in a shifting period. we have always been a social media marketing company. We are actually shifting to doing more content creation for people. So photography, doing photo sessions for like portraits for families, things like that. And then along with that, doing business photography. So if, say, a realtor is like, oh, I need pictures for like my Instagram, doing branding sessions like that. And then along with that, we're hoping to step into the world of product photography. And as always, we do reels for people and videos, things like that. That's kind of the avenue that we're heading in. And along with that, we are going to be at the Beef Barn on September 30th. So if you are local to Rhode Island, the Beef Barn is having a fall artisan fair. And we are going to have a booth there and we're going to be selling merch. I have some cute ideas for different merch to sell. And then we're going to actually be offering photo sessions the day of. The, the beef barns property used to be known as Homestead Gardens in the back is absolutely beautiful. It really is. They have like this cute bridge now. They already have some foliage there and they have a gazebo, things like that. It was really so pretty there. So we're going to be taking photos the day of there. And then along with that, if you're not able to take photos that day, but you still want to come and stop by, you can come and schedule photo sessions with us for a different time. So family photos, things like that. We would love to help you out. And yeah, come out and come out and support us. I think it'll be a really good day, but I think I've talked enough and that was quite the intro of what's happening in my life. let's jump into today's episode. In today's episode, we're talking about a fall reset. getting back on track this fall, this September, how to set yourself up for success. And like I said, I think this is the perfect time to do so because you are rested up from the summer, hopefully, and you kind of gotten all that like juice out of you from going out and going to the beach and going out to concerts, things like that. Now it's like switching gears. to getting back on track, getting focused and getting the right things in place to set yourself up to be successful. I think a lot of times people wait till January 1st to set their goals or their resolutions. And personally, for me, that is not the best time for, not the best time to set them because around January, some seasonal depression definitely starts to kick in and. I don't feel as motivated as I do in the fall. Like in the fall, I just feel like, okay, I want a good routine. I want to get back on track. I want to put all the elements in place to set me up for success. I personally don't think you need to wait all the way till January. I think you can definitely implement some of these, some of your goals now, and then reflect on them at, at January, reflect on them a couple months later. And then around this time next year, we'll mark a year and you can be like, okay, how did I do on those goals? The first piece into setting yourself up for success this fall is to establish a routine. I feel like routines became very popular this year in 2023. And you like see it all over Instagram, TikTok, social media, people doing their morning routines, their nighttime routines, and some people's routines are quite intense. I feel like it can be overwhelming and it feels like, oh, I need a routine. And I do think there is a lot of good that comes out of having like a daily routine. Whether that be morning, nighttime, both, like for me, this summer, I felt like I didn't really have a good enough structured routine. I kind of was, I always had my morning routine that I did no matter what, when I woke up, that was my non negotiable, but as far as the day to day went, I kind of let my work. Organize my routine. clients or just the different workload I had that day and I kind of felt like I was being tossed around due to what everybody else needed instead of putting boundaries in place that this is the time I do this and this is the time I do this and setting myself up for success that way and not getting burned out. What I did the other day was I actually just went into Google Docs and I just brain dumped everything. I knew like I wanted to set up a better daily routine. I went into Google Docs and I just brain dumped everything. I started off with what I have to do. My non negotiables, my pre commitments that already make up my schedule. I just wrote those down and this was not in a clean format at all. I literally just took whatever thoughts were in my head of what I want my routine to look like in the future and what I have to do, put it down. I typed it out. And then from there. I wrote down the things that I want to incorporate in the future. Now this just looks like a bunch of mumbo jumbo from my pre commitments to all the things that I want to do. So the different elements that I definitely want to include every day. So for me, that looks like working out every day. On the weekends, I want to grocery shop, get gas, meal prep. Things like that. I just wrote down all the things that I want to include in my new routine for the fall. And then from there, I kind of divided it out by the days of the week and structured it and put the things that I already have to do in place. Then I structured it out with all my pre commitments already, so Monday through Sunday I already, I put down, you know, church on Sunday, I'm usually there most of the day, and then on Saturday mornings I teach spin class, on Wednesday nights I'm usually at this program, or I go to the church again, and then Monday nights, I play field hockey, so I put down all my pre commitments, and then I went ahead and added in the things that I want to add in, so for me, that looks like, like I said, meal prepping on Saturday, I mean, grocery shopping on Saturdays, getting gas on Saturdays, cleaning my car, and then on Sundays after church, I'll go home and then I'll meal prep and do the rest of my, like, Sunday reset. What that also could look like on Sundays for you. This is what mine looks like, is on Sundays at the church, I'll meal prep and then I will do another brain dump of what the upcoming week looks like, organize it out and then update my budget and just kind of get organized with my brain that way the next week I'll be set up for success. And then as far as work goes, I know that I just mentioned that my work was kind of bossing me around. So what am I doing instead of that dictating what my life looks like from a day to day basis? for me, that's time blocking because I do own my own business. I feel like if you worked a nine to five, this would be completely different. From nine to five is. Work like there is no negotiables there, but for me, since I do own my own business, I kind of have to structure what my days look like from my client work to creating content and marketing, business development, accounting, like all those different areas. Instead of bouncing from task to task. I have to schedule it out better. That way when I get like an email, it doesn't just completely throw me off and now I'm reading my emails. Then I'll go back to what I'm doing. Like that doesn't make sense as an entrepreneur. for me, that looks like time blocking. creating the chunks of time. to do certain tasks. And during that time, it's the only tasks that I'm focusing on. I'm trying to get better at that because I definitely was the person I just explained before, where I got an email and it would throw me off. I'd be doing that. ADHD would kick in. And also something new that I'm incorporating too is focusing on the tasks that matters. I think as especially an entrepreneur, you can get kind of get caught up with doing all the things. So there's always so much information being thrown at you and all the different things that you should be doing instead of what actually matters for your business. So for me, creating content actually matters for my business. Like people see this and it's a direct reflection of the work that we would produce. creating content matters for me. But let's just say, for example, I don't know if this is necessarily true, but email marketing may not be as important for our business or Or cold calling, things like that. Like, instead of figuring out all the things that you should be doing, it's like, no, what actually brings leads and what actually brings it, what actually generates income. if you're an entrepreneur listening to this, I definitely would encourage you to sit down and try to figure out where your lead. Sources are and where your streams of income comes from and how can you dive into those a little bit more instead of trying to check off all the boxes and if you can try to outsource, I know it can be hard if it's a money thing, but just try to delegate your tasks a little bit better so that you're not overwhelming yourself and leading yourself to burn out. As I just said, guys, establishing a routine is gonna be great for your fall reset, getting your ducks in order, and figuring out what you want to matter for you this fall, which kind of leads me into my next point, which is check in with your goals. like I said, we usually set goals back in January, but I'm here to encourage you that you don't need to wait to January to start new goals, but if you did make some in the past. nine months, then check in with those goals, see how you're doing with them. And as I've been saying, like, I think right now is a perfect time to set new goals. for me, I really took the time to sit down with myself and think like, What do you want your life to look like this time next year and really visualizing who that person is and what does that person do on a day to day basis. for me, I realized I definitely was not specific enough with my goals. Like I feel like my goals for this year were to make more money, to grow my business, to be healthy, and to love what I do. Like I would say those were the lump sum of my goals for this year, which are great goals because I feel like they're very attainable. I can make more money than I did nine months ago. I still healthy. My business grows. Like those are just not very specific goals. I sat down with myself and I, I really thought out what It means to me and what is the type of person that I want to be this time next year. The different pillars that I used to make goals were financial, career, personal, emotional slash mental, spiritual, and fun and enjoyment. that helped me break down where are the different areas in my life that I want to set goals and to be really specific about those goals. under each of them, I created maybe five to six goals that I want to reach around this time next year. And I just want to give you some examples of what I used and some things that you could kind of come up with. I hope this sparks some inspiration for you. for example, financial goals, you can say how much you want to have in your savings around this time next year and how much you want to make annually by this time next year. And what does your debt look like? Have you paid off a lot of your debt? Do you still have some debt? Like, what are those goals? Which loans do you want to pay off by this time next year? And then personal goals. For me, honestly, this is the one that I wrote the most down, which I was really surprised with. But again, one of my goals was to have a really good daily routine. Like each day of the week, I knew what was going on instead of flying by the seat of my pants. And I would have a better idea of. What I need to get done that day and time blocking, things like that. So that one underneath my personal goals what time I want to wake up, what time I want to go to bed, how many, you know, hours of sleep do I want to get every single night? What kind of people do I want to surround myself with? That's definitely something to consider. Like who are the people that you want to surround yourself with? Do you want a mentor or do you want to mentor somebody? So things like that, those are things to consider. Fitness. So what are your fitness goals look like for me that would be tracking macros every single day, meal prepping every single week. Some different kinds of workouts that I want to do during the week, like what do I want to incorporate things like that fun and enjoyment? So this one was actually the hardest for me figuring out which kind of hobbies I wanted to have this year But I'll give you some examples of what I wrote down So hopefully this sparks some inspiration in you hiking, camping, reading, writing, rollerblading, blogging Doing my nails. Like, it doesn't have to be anything crazy. Like, I feel like whenever anybody asks me, what do you do for fun? I literally hate that question because I don't know. I think I do a lot of things that are fun, but when someone asks me on the spot like that, I'm like, What do I do for fun? I can't say like I go bungee jumping or I go rock climbing or you know, I go ballroom dancing. I don't know. I just feel like my hobbies are just like very, you know, easygoing things I like to do in my free time, which I feel like if you're an average adult, you don't have that much free time. So finding things that are like relaxing and enjoying and those are some of the things that I came up with. So they don't have to be all that crazy. I hope you just find some things that you enjoy doing. But moving right along mindset and slash emotions. So what kind of attitude do you want to have towards life? What are the values you want to hold like for yourself? So I want to be a person that like, I don't take. anything or anyone or myself too seriously. And I'm open to change and I'm flexible. I want to be focused. I don't want to procrastinate. So those are some goals to think of, but just think of like, what do you, do you want your mind to be free of anxiety? Do you want to be less stress this time next year? Do you maybe want to go to therapy by this time next year? Or, you know, conquer some fears that you had? So those are some things to think about underneath that category of goals. And then spiritual goals, where do you want to be in your faith? What does that look like for you? I think for that one, everyone is going to be different. Maybe that's just going to church for you. Maybe that's starting to read the Bible somewhere. Maybe that is doing a devotional every single day for you. That one's definitely going to be personalized for every single person. And then the last one that I have is the career. So what do you want your career to look like? Do you still want to be doing what you're doing right now? Do you want to change your career field? Do you want a promotion by this time next year? Do you want to be working from home? Do you want to go back to the office? Like those are some things that I think you guys, and I get the point of where I'm going with this, but those are some things to consider when making goals and Setting yourself up for success in these next four months until 2024. But we're not going to just stop in January. We're going to reevaluate in January. But then from there, you know, I think right now is a perfect time to set goals for yourself and start working towards them. Moving into the last segment that I have for today is your fall bucket list. So right now, you know, fall reset. That we are having. We are serious, and we are in our goal setting era, and we're in our routine moment, but along with that, you know, we still want to enjoy the season, we still want to enjoy life, so I just want to give you some different ideas of some things that I want to do this fall, and Maybe this will spark some inspiration for different things that you could incorporate, too. For me, a fall hike slash camping, so I want to go to New Hampshire and see the foliage and, you know, spend the night, like, just in a tent. Me and Easton I think that would be so fun. And then make pumpkin anything, so I absolutely I'm such a white girl when it comes to pumpkin. I love it. I will be getting pumpkin spice lattes. I will be getting pumpkin coffee. I actually at 8 30 p. m. last night just got this big craving for pumpkin pancakes. So I made pumpkin pancakes last night. So make anything pumpkin. I saw some pumpkin donut holes on Pinterest today. I will be making those. Stay tuned for that. Another thing is decorate your space. So regardless of your space, if you're still living in your bedroom if you have a very small apartment like I do or a house, decorate your space, make it cozy, make it fall. Like I have my box of different things and it has my pumpkins and my candles. So make your space feel cozy and make it an area that you'll enjoy coming home to. Another idea for this fall would be to try a new hobby. I know I just kind of went over this where I was talking about your hobbies don't have to be anything extreme. Just find something that you enjoy to do. Writing, reading. Maybe it is scaling rocks, but you know, that's not mine. That is not what I want to be doing in my free time. Figure out what a new hobby looks like for you and let me know what it is. I would love to hear what you guys try for new hobbies and maybe it'll inspire me too. And then the last one I have for like my fall bucket list is more family time. So I just think. With like football season starting, like Sunday football, family dinners, like that is just such a vibe. So that's something that I'll be incorporating this fall is more family time. I don't know, I just feel like fall meals, like a crockpot dinner with your family with football on in the background, and then maybe you play a card game is like the definition of fall in my head, and I absolutely love it. And it's probably what I look forward to more than the actual season. That is something that I will be incorporating this fall. I hope this inspires you to get excited for fall, get excited to get into this season and how we can use this time right now to better ourselves and to get back on track and how we can. just embrace this time to become better versions of ourselves and that by this time next year we will be unrecognizable. I really hope that you enjoyed today's episode and if you did, please reach out to me on Instagram and just let me know that you enjoyed it. Things like that. It really makes the, it really means the world to me because At the end of the day, I kind of feel like I'm talking to myself or I'm talking to a camera. So unless you guys actually let me know that you enjoyed it, I have no idea who I'm speaking to. So don't forget to subscribe to this podcast. And remember, this is the last one of two episodes before season two. There'll be one more episode after this one. And I'm going to take a little break and then I'm going to come back new and reinvented. So again, I really hope you enjoyed today's episode and I look forward to chatting with you next time. Bye!