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Eddie Hypolite

Welcome to Four Questions - the podcast. This is Season One of a 4 season series based on the book Four Questions - a series about living and leading. It's written and presented by the author of Four Questions Eddie Hypolite. Over the coming four seasons Eddie will take us on conversations based on each of the Four Question in his book. In Season 1 he examines Identity with the first of the questions, 'Who Am I?'. Season 2 will explore self care and well-being with the question 'How am I?' In Season 3 we explore self and people leadership with the third question, 'How Do I?' And in our final Season 4, we lean into the topic of legacy and future-proofing with the question 'Where and Why Do I?'.We look forward to beginning a conversation with you, that we hope you'll continue in all the places you do life and create community. We hope and believe that this will be a journey that is life changing and transformational.