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TDJ Equity Funding Insiders Podcast
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TDJ Equity Funding Insiders Podcast

A "How to Get Funding" Podcast

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TDJ Equity Funding Insiders podcast is a deep dive into obtaining funding, where bankers, loan officers, underwriters, and industry sources give their unfiltered opinions, lessons, and experiences on the inside information on lending.

Don't miss out on access to insider information from banking, lending, and industry experts who discuss topics such as how to get funding, successful strategies for obtaining loans, and steps to avoid when applying for a loan.

For Insider Money Seekers: The Funding Knowledge Academy:   If you are unsure how to get money for your business or even if your business is ready to get money, our Borrower Mentorship program is for you. As the TDJ Equity Funding Insiders podcast host, I am also a businesswoman.  Being in business, I  know how it is not to have the money you need to grow, expand, buy inventory, or promote your business.  It is impossible.

Our Academy benefits are meant to help you learn how to get money for yourself and learn what I know as a loan broker on getting money for your business. Courses include Introduction to Bank Loans, Preparing for a Bank Loan, Understanding the Loan Application Process, Building a Strong Loan Application, Improving Creditworthiness, Negotiation Loan Terms and more with Bonus Funding Insight Episodes, Funding Behind-the-Scenes Interviews, and special features, including but not limited to Funding Ebooks, Ask Me (a loan broker) Anything Sessions, Funding Tools & Resources, and Funding 1 on 1 Private Appointment. For more information, visit
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