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Zen Like A Boss

Laura Parent

Because you deserve to feel your best at work and in your life.Welcome to Zen Like A Boss, the podcast. A self help podcast to help you feel more aligned, balanced, fierce and zen like a boss at work and in your overall life. Introducing your host, Laura, consultant, speaker, researcher, mama bear, 9-5 corporate leader turned entrepreneur and obsessed about wellness at work, self development & mindfulness. Laura is one of the top experts on employee engagement, helping organizations deeply understand their employees and keep them motivated. With this podcast, her purpose is helping YOU feel more motivated, balanced, fierce and zen Like A Boss at work and in your overall life. So weither you are on the fast track to become the next VP at your job, but struggling to find that so called work/life balance or you are always trying to figure out what the heck you should do with your life, this podcast is made for you. Finally, Laura is guiding you step by step with workshop format episodes every week. Ready to do the work? Listen up!