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Similarity - May 25 2023

May 18, 2023 NoMagicBullet Season 2 Episode 5
NoMagicBullet's Podcast
Similarity - May 25 2023
Show Notes

“I’m still exploring ADHD as an adult.”

— Nancie McLeod


While neurodivergence has historically been seen as something linked to males, it has started to be recognized more frequently in women over the last decade, finally giving them the answers and tools that they need to make sense of their differences.


This episode is an instalment of What’s In Your Toolbox?, a podcast about mental health and the tools that we use to cope and thrive. In this episode, host Bobby K sits down with Nancie McLeod, a Toronto-based designer and realtor who offers experienced, empathetic, and hands-on real estate services for people dealing with one of the four Ds: downsizing, divorce, disability, or death. 


In this conversation, Bobby K and Nancie dig into her ADHD diagnosis and medication journey, how she builds social interactions into her schedule (even when working from home), and the joy of being creative and turning ‘nothing’ into something beautiful.


“I think the most important thing — and one of the tools that I use — is talking to people.”

— Nancie McLeod


This‌ ‌episode discusses:‌ ‌

●        How she discovered that she had ADHD — and how this condition has defined her path

●        How creative endeavours help Nancie deal with her ADHD challenges 

●        Her self care habits and how she uses technology to ensure a better night’s sleep 


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Nancie McLeod