No Magic Bullet Podcast - An Honest Discussion on Mental Health

The Artist

August 28, 2023 NoMagicBullet
No Magic Bullet Podcast - An Honest Discussion on Mental Health
The Artist
Show Notes


“I'm getting better and better at just saying, okay, that's just today.”

— Judy Singer

When major health challenges face us, it is crucial to gather friends and family around for support. That is what today’s episode of What’s In Your Toolbox: An Honest Discussion on Mental Health is all about.


In this episode, Bobby talks with Judy Singer about her cancer diagnosis and treatment, and how she coped with the changing abilities of her physical body. Judy is an artist and teacher by trade, and when she was faced with beginning treatments for cancer she had to make the difficult decision to not work on her art in order to retain her strength for chemotherapy sessions. Her friends and family were essential to her physical recovery, and her mental health throughout the entire process.


This episode is especially helpful for anyone who is currently undergoing treatments for cancer, who may need some new ideas and strategies to navigate the incredibly challenging mental health factor of treatment and recovery.


This‌ ‌episode discusses:‌ ‌

✔   Art as a tool for mental health

✔   Navigating fitness challenges after recovering from cancer treatment

✔  The importance of family and friendship during cancer treatment and recovery


Highlights:‌ ‌

00:01  Intro 


02:07  The Artist


00:00  Meet Judy Singer


03:53  How Bob and Judy met  


06:11  Art classes and curation  


09:45  Judy’s passion and career in art  


10:47  Judy’s physical and mental health 


12:09  Cancer treatments 


16:26  Creativity during cancer treatments


17:43  Physical fitness after chemotherapy  


21:02  Friends as a mental health tool


24:12  Judy’s Amazing Support Team


27:36  Healing


30:34  Wrap up


Links:‌ ‌ 

Judy’s Website: