No Magic Bullet Podcast - An Honest Discussion on Mental Health

A Survivor from Irish Lake

September 25, 2023 NoMagicBullet
No Magic Bullet Podcast - An Honest Discussion on Mental Health
A Survivor from Irish Lake
Show Notes


“Life is for the living. You have to go on, and make the best you can out of your present situation and utilize your tools”

— Nate Leipciger

Mental health is a different story across generations, and on today’s episode of What’s In Your Toolbox: An Honest Discussion on Mental Health, host Bobby K. has a conversation with Holocaust survivor Nate Leipciger about the tools he cultivated to survive. 

One of Nate’s survival skills, awareness, helped him during his time in Auschwitz, and then in his early years in Canada. Learning new rules every day, helped to keep him from standing out, and ultimately being freed at the end of WWII. 

You’ll definitely want to tune into this episode to hear Nate’s story of survival, and the lessons Nate learned that can be used as mental health tools for many generations to come.

This‌ ‌episode discusses:‌ ‌

✔   How Nate survived the concentration camp

✔   How Nate navigated immigrating to Canada and how the survivor skills he learned helped him 

✔   Nate’s mission to educate future generations about the Holocaust


Highlights:‌ ‌

00:01  Introduction

04:31  Meet Nate Leipciger 

07:32  Nate’s story  

18:50  Coming to Canada  

22:19  Nate’s survival toolbox 

25:32  The King of Kensington 


27:33  Cole’s Notes  

29:47  Starting a business  

34:20  Educating youth about the Holocaust   

40:07  Problem solving 


43:43  Self-hypnosis

46:21  Nate’s Amazing Support Team

49:53  Wrapping up

About Guest:

Nathan (Nate) Leipciger, who has a B.A. in Science, lived through the horrors of the Holocaust, where he was forced to live and work in Nazi concentration camps, losing his mother and sister, and enduring several closed brushes with death before the end of the Second World War.

Having suffered and witnessed firsthand the devastating consequences of hatred and war, Leipciger went on to dedicate his life to educating Canadians and global citizens about the dangers of racism and the importance of tolerance, inclusivity, and dialogue. Through thoughtful stewardship of various institutions involved in Holocaust education, Nate's efforts are credited with educating young generations of Canadians about the Holocaust, and teaching them the virtues of respect and acceptance.

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Link to Nate’s Book The Weight of Freedom: