No Magic Bullet Podcast - An Honest Discussion on Mental Health

A Chance Meeting

October 22, 2023 NoMagicBullet
No Magic Bullet Podcast - An Honest Discussion on Mental Health
A Chance Meeting
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“That's where I really rely on our traditional teachings because it speaks to humility, and understanding that your gifts are valuable. And everybody has gifts.”

— Jillian Morris

Trigger Warning: This episode makes brief mention of self harm and addiction.

On this episode of What’s In Your Toolbox: An Honest Discussion on Mental Health, host Bobby Koven shares a deep and open conversation with his guest Jillian Morris which started at a chance meeting in New Brunswick. 

In this conversation, Jillian shares some of the tools that her community uses to heal the indigenous communities in Ontario, and further expanding into Canada. 

A member of the Feather Carriers, Jillian is committed to community mobilization that enhances mental health and addictions and suicide prevention through a culturally appropriate training. 

One thing is for sure, Jillian will absolutely inspire you to take up a practice of gratitude for every element of life, which is an excellent tool to manage mental health.

This‌ ‌episode discusses:‌ ‌

✔ The power and importance of storytelling

✔ Connecting to your own spirituality through healing

✔ Sharing your gifts as a way to contribute to a larger community

About Jillian:

Jillian is Kanien’kehaka, a member of Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, and Poet Laureate for Collingwood. Jillian is a former federal public servant and in addition to writing, she is a researcher, creator, public engager, mother, wife, and bridge builder. Jillian is also a member of the Unity Collective where she finds endless reward in volunteering and working to build relationships, capacity, and understanding.

Highlights:‌ ‌

00:01  Intro

02:54  Meet Jillian Morris  

08:35  The call to nature  

10:02  Spirituality  

11:21  Tools for healing 

13:01 Jillian’s path of healing  

15:15 Traditional teachings

24:45 The Feather Carriers

26:07 Jillian’s Amazing Support Team (JAST)

26:51 The power of listening  

30:17 Next episode 

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instagram: @jk_morris_less

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