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Voices of the Vessel

Lake Michigan Carferry, Director of Marketing - Shelby

This podcast is dedicated to highlighting the people and Voices from over the years who have made the BADGER what she is today – as she is celebrating 70 years of service. The people who have dedicated their lives to keeping her going and wouldn’t have it any other way. The family members who grew up in a time when the livelihood of the community depended on the Carferries that now have the BADGER as a reminder of their loved ones. The dedicated crew that comes into work each day and look forward to continuing her legacy to the next generation.Voices of the Vessel is a celebration of 70 years of the BADGER. Join in each week as we hear stories that highlight and honor her past while showcasing her bright future. Hear from crew and community members of the past, current day, and possibly future. Reach out to us at media@ssbadger.com with any stories or questions you have!