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Beautiful News Podcast

Grace MBC

The Beautiful News Podcast is a show that invites listeners to engage in compelling and controversial conversations about Christianity. Find out more information at:

Each episode features thought-provoking discussions about topics that matter to Christians, such as the significance of the Bible, God's Nature, as well as culturally charged questions like addressing the LGBTQ+, the role of women in the church, and how science and the scriptures fit together. The hosts and guests approach these topics with curiosity, humility, and a commitment to exploring dynamic perspectives.

The podcast guests come from various backgrounds, including pastors, scholars, activists, and ordinary Christians who have dealt with these issues in their personal lives. They share their experiences and insights, challenging the listeners' assumptions and expanding their understanding of what it means to follow Jesus.

Through these conversations, the podcast hopes to create a space where listeners can grapple with challenging questions that are often unasked in Christian communities. Honest and respectful dialogue can help us grow in our faith, deepen our relationships with others, and live more fully into the beautiful truth of the Gospel.

Listeners, whether lifelong Christians or curious about Christianity, are invited to join the podcast on this journey of growth and discovery. The podcast is an opportunity to seek the truth together, and through this process, gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the Christian faith. The truth is beautiful.