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The ABC's of Astrology: Basics Series

June 11, 2023 Alison Price Episode 9
Starzology Astrology
The ABC's of Astrology: Basics Series
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In this episode, we're going to explore the creative side of astrology by examining the ABCs of this mystical discipline. 

Each letter of the alphabet will feature a chosen astrological component but be aware that not all features of astrology will be covered. 

To illustrate, the letter C could stand for Chart, Cancer, Cardinal, Cadent, Conjunction, Chiron, or Capricorn, and there are likely numerous other astrological terms that readily come to mind.


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The American Ephemeris Book
The ephemeris I use, make sure to get the one with the purple cover, "The American Ephemeris 1950 – 2050 at Midnight" by Neil F. Michelson and Rique Pottenger.

The Contemporary Astrologer's Handbook
I recommended this astrology book, "The Contemporary Astrologer's Handbook" by Sue Tompkins.

Planets in Transit Book
In my opinion this is the classic book for forecasting with transits, "Planets in Transit" by Robert Hand.

ABCs of Astrology Greeting Cards
Get some astro art original designs by Alison. This one depicts the ABCs of Astrology.

Pure Astrology Reading Cards
Cards to provide an avenue to study the patterns and relationships of the planets, orbs and stars.

New Moon Wishing: A Self-care Guidebook
Follow the transiting Moon. Use this self-care guide and track your own New Moon Wishes each month.

The Aspiring Astrologer Book
The Aspiring Astrologer - 52 Self-paced Astrology Lessons by Alison Price.

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