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It Is Well with Jasmine Caldwell

Jasmine Caldwell

We're helping Black Christian Women tell and live out their best entrepreneurial story by sharing the testimonies of women who are walking it out, and through the teaching of biblical principles to scale kingdom business, faith in Christ, family, and beyond.

Hosted and created by Jasmine Caldwell, Coach to Prophetic Christian Women in the marketplace, this podcast series is a listening experience tailored for Black Christian Women stitching their financial freedom through business. The aim for our viewers is that you to walk away with the same supernatural peace and reverence to the true and living Waymaker throughout the ebbs and flows of business as the Great Woman of Shunam; she declared "All is Well" after being presented with what would have been a devastating loss, but recovered by a stance of faith.

Our Motto is "You have a story to tell! May every chapter, every sentence, and every word testify that IT IS WELL."