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Omni Pet Club

Welcome to StoryTails, where love for pets meets the pursuit of dreams!🐾

Dive into a world where wagging tails and adorable purrs take center stage as we fetch the most heartwarming and hilarious pet stories from around the globe. 🌎

Hosted by co-creators, Penny Lee and Rae Chen, join us on a wild and wacky adventure as we unleash the secrets of the pet kingdom, share our paws-itively delightful business journey, and dish out expert tips and tricks for pet owners and lovers alike. 🐶🐱

But that's not all! By tuning in to StoryTails, you're not just getting your daily dose of pet-loving joy; you're also getting an exclusive backstage pass to our very own pet product business, Omni Pet Club! 🚀

We'll take you behind the scenes, sharing the ups, downs, and adorable mishaps as we build a brand that's all about enhancing the lives of pets and their devoted owners. 🛍️🐾

From brainstorming new pet products to navigating the world of entrepreneurship with a wagging tail and a whisker twitch, our journey is your journey. 🐾🌟

So, whether you're a devoted pet parent or simply have a soft spot for furry, feathery, or scaly friends, tune in to StoryTails and let the fur fly! 🎙️❤️

Prepare to be amused, amazed, and enlightened, one tail-wagging episode at a time. Subscribe now and let's embark on this paw-some journey together! 🐾🎉

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