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Welcome to the Children of the Perfect Storm Podcast, where our Host, Evangeline DeVol, tackles the biggest fight of her life by advocating for children impacted by poverty, abuse, trafficking, and addiction. She's not alone in this fight and will be joined by several non-profits and service-based organizations on this monthly Podcast. 

Evangeline “Van” DeVol catches the eyes, ears and hearts of every audience when speaking passionately about the plight of children experiencing poverty, educational challenges, and trauma. These are the children that Van has a tireless all-in commitment to and, serves every day. She has launched, or helped launch, several non-profits all of which serve at-risk children. Currently she is the Founder and Executive Director of NEST Community Learning Center and the recently founded non-profit, The Varner Foundation for Children and Families. Under her leadership of NEST, this non-profit has garnered six prestigious awards and recognition in the past five years including recognition at the State level and in Cincinnati’s Best. Van herself, has professionally received eight awards and recognitions at the State level and locally by communities, schools, affinity groups and local leaders. Her work has been featured in magazines and on television.

Born in London, England, growing up overseas and then working with immigrant families and children in poverty in London, Washington D.C. and Cincinnati, Ohio, she has been able to bring a unique perspective and insight into the ongoing blight of at-risk children. Studying in Oxford, England then at that University of London’s teaching college and finally at the University of Maryland, Van is an expert in non-profit management and the demographics that NEST and the Varner Foundation serve. She is also an expert in education and the neurobiology of trauma in children. 

Children of the Perfect Storm is a product of her firm belief in stepping out in my faith for Christ, that every child is precious, and every child deserves a chance to be loved, belong and find and live their purpose.