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Single Parents Unmasked

Will Brooker

Welcome to Single Parents Unmasked, the podcast where we unmask the stories of single parents from all walks of life. As your host, I am a single father who won full custody of my two children without any legal representation. My journey was not easy, especially as a Black man in the UK, but I persevered to ensure the best for my family.

Join me as I sit down with a variety of guests, each with their unique experiences and backgrounds, to discuss the challenges of being a single parent. We'll dive into the struggles and joys of parenting alone, exploring themes of relationships, family dynamics.

I understand that not everyone is comfortable sharing their story on camera. That's why our guests have the option to keep their identity hidden behind a mask or reveal themselves to the audience. No matter what, we promise an open and honest conversation that sheds light on the realities of single parenthood.