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New Foundation Farms: The Radical Natural Podcast

New Foundation Farms

New Foundation Farms is pioneering a fundamental shift in the system that feeds us.

Too many human beings see themselves as somehow outside nature, not part of it. We believe in the possibility that humans can become a beneficial keystone species on planet Earth.

We are building a radically natural food system in the UK in which we use methods from permaculture, biodynamic growing, organic and regenerative farming to grow food at scale in a way that has never been done before. 

The result will be a hyper-local food system that uses stacked enterprises to deeply connect people with a wide variety of produce grown locally, everywhere. 

It is about becoming indigenous again; not going back to the past, but going forward to  explore the "wisdom of place" that returns us to a positive role in nature.

New Foundation Farms is a growing team of people who are passionate and inspired, and among the best at what they do in a variety of disciplines ranging from farming and processing to procurement and supply through to organisational architecture and systems thinking. This podcast series explores elements that are needed to help bring this radical natural vision to life though conversation.