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Off Gassing: A Scuba Podcast

Nicholas Hogle

One of my favorite things after a dive is engaging in conversation with other divers. This joy I have found is one of the biggest motivators behind my starting the podcast. I am on a journey to meet other scuba-minded individuals. Hear about the different aspects of this world I love so much. I want to converse with people of all levels. Speak to beginners all the way up to the experts and leaders in their fields, learn, and soak up knowledge from my fellow divers. From the shallow reefs of Indonesia to the deep wrecks of the Great Lakes, cold water quarries to the warm tropical waters. I do not want anyone left out as I navigate through the Scubaverse. Fun, easygoing, to controversial topics. Let's talk about all of it. I am also on a personal journey of educating myself and seeking proper training as I move through different levels of this sport. With nothing to hide and everything to show, the frustrations, the joys, and everything in between. Join me as we gas it up with some of the wonderful characters inside this story called Scuba.