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The Invisible Force of Gravity - On YOUR Spine

October 09, 2023 Back To Health Wellness Season 1 Episode 35
Back To Health Wellness's Thought For The Day
The Invisible Force of Gravity - On YOUR Spine
Show Notes

Whilst Sitting at your desk or on your sofa, have you Ever wondered why you suddenly creep forward towards you phone or computer screen?

It is definitely not because what you started  watching 30 mins ago had suddenly become more interesting. 

A more likely reason, is the 7-14 lbs weight of the head (which if you are not sure, is roughly the weight of a bowling ball). For example, as you sit, Try letting your head hang forwards for 5 seconds. It keeps getting heavier right? (I really hope your not doing this while your driving) 

Now consider the force of gravity pulling the mass of your body down towards the earth, on top of the weight of the head? 

It does not matter how well supported a chair may be, the weight of gravity is constant. 

So what do you do?

Try standing tall! Doing this at the desk would proof difficult, Therefore for your spine and for your sanity, Get up and move about every 30 mins. 

When sitting or standing, You can Practice keeping your head in line with your body, by bringing your ears back in line with your shoulders and keeping your eyes in a neutral gaze. Think, you should not have to peer down at ANY screen. 

Keep conscious of this head position when sitting at the desk as you satisfy your work demand and when driving any length of time. Regular daily practice of this will make this natural for you, which will bode well now and in the future as it will help your body to distribute weight through your spine more evenly and thus lessen the burden of our environment and the weight of gravity.

Final thoughts- 

Whilst hypergravity can largely only be experienced in space, and the feeling of ‘weightlessness’ in free fall not lasting long enough, the next best thing is floating in water.

Floating decreases blood pressure and cortisol levels, reducing anxiety, addiction and enhancing memory and creativity. 

So, like the water in our body, just keep swimming.