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How To Stop The Body Getting Weaker As You Age

December 11, 2023 Back To Health Wellness Season 1 Episode 42
Back To Health Wellness's Thought For The Day
How To Stop The Body Getting Weaker As You Age
Show Notes

If you look up online Why The Body Gets Weaker As You Age, many will say that you lose bone tissue and subsequently, muscle size and strength, as the muscle tissue itself also shrinks with age.

I am certain this thought can leave many people feeling down and dejected.

Though, isnt it possible that if a bone or muscle can weaken, it can also become stronger, regardless of your age?

So, Here is how you Stop The Body Getting Weaker As You Age-

Since bones are living tissue like muscles, they also respond to physical activity by growing stronger. Strength-building and weight-bearing activities are the best to build bones strength back up.


Heavy weights increase the power and strength of your bones and muscles by challenging them to grow again under stress. 

Have you Ever felt too weak to finish a chore or an activity? Well take my word for it, with a bit of dedication to lifting weights, those everyday physical tasks will get easier. 

It is important to factor in the adequate diet to subsidise the extra energy required for building bone and muscle growth. 

Now, If you thought the benefits from lifting weights stopped there, guess again. 

Lifting weights can improve Confidence.

It’s a no brainer, if you can lift a considerable weight, whether it be once or 6 times, especially when you do not think you can lift it in the first place, then, you will feel that you deserve a treat.

Another benefit to lifting weights is Injury Prevention. 

If your bones, muscles and tissues are stronger, the risk of developing osteoporosis, injury, back pain, arthritis and chronic pain, will significantly reduce.

Although there will be a fear in purposely stressing bone and muscle in those who suffer with bone issues or muscle pain, though is enough evidence to suggest that a resistance training plan tailored to that individual’s needs, can greatly reduce their associated symptoms, as the improved muscle strength, endurance and power, add strength and stability that will help them ward off injuries and keep the body strong. 

Now just pick a day, and get going.