The Happy Sweat Life

Confidence and Healing through Diverse and Inclusive Dance with The Dancing Life Coach™ P. Valerie Dauphin

December 26, 2023 Lisa Rung Episode 22
The Happy Sweat Life
Confidence and Healing through Diverse and Inclusive Dance with The Dancing Life Coach™ P. Valerie Dauphin
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Show Notes

Episode 22.  P. Valerie Dauphin is a healing-centered, trauma-informed Life-Mindset-Embodiment Coach (aka The Dancing Life Coach™), Author, and Founder of Feel Good Kick Ass™, where she coaches clients on fulfilling their dreams, desires, goals, and life vision.

Valerie has a background as a dance educator of mostly African and Latin Diasporic styles, teaching artist, dance company director, performing artist, fitness instructor, and athlete.

Her extensive movement background informs her coaching practice in that she guides her clients to feel and express through their bodies the mindsets and tangible changes they want to experience in their lives and in the world.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Valerie’s journey with dance helped heal a broken and insecure relationship with her body while helping her build the confidence to live life on her terms. We also discuss how her personal dance and movement journey unexpectedly morphed into a career.

Valerie also shares excerpts from her book "Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence: Using Your Body to Rock Your Life" highlighting four confidence-enhancing lessons derived from almost 25 years of group dance and fitness  participation and how the dance floor serves as a microcosm for fulfilling life goals.

Finally, Valerie shares her thoughts on and experiences with racial diversity and inclusion in the dance space while offering suggestions for instructors and facilitators to recognize and remedy harms they may not even be aware they’re perpetuating in their classes.

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