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Do I Have To Adult Now?

Kristen Cunliffe

"Do I Have To Adult Now?" podcast is designed to help you  navigate the complex (and let's be honest sometimes boring) world of money, personal finance and other 'grown-up' matters. 

Hosted by financial planner Kristen, a highly knowledgeable financial expert with over 10 years of experience of delivering financial education workshops with her husband Nick, who will be making regular appearances on the show. They be joined by daughter Iz who at 23 years of age, is resisting adulting as much as she possibly can but raising the type of questions many young people want the answers to. 

Together the trio and their guests aim to to demystify the often intimidating world of money management, with episodes that are filled with practical tips, clever anecdotes, and relatable stories, making the content accessible and engaging for listeners of all ages. 

And yes, you probably do have to adult now.