Mind. Body. Sleep.

Rethinking Progress During Recovery | Ep 20

January 11, 2024 Beth Kendall Episode 20
Mind. Body. Sleep.
Rethinking Progress During Recovery | Ep 20
Show Notes

Hello, my friends! This one is all about measuring PROGRESS.

When you’re going through insomnia, of course you want sleep more than life itself — that's totally understandable. But let’s be mindful of how we measure progress because one leads to stress, and the other safety.

In this episode, I challenge the conventional measure of progress and introduce a novel perspective:

Progress is better assessed by how one RESPONDS to sleep than the quantity or quality of sleep itself.

What?! Tune in to learn:

  • Why relying on sleep as a way to define progress might be holding you back
  • How directing attention to our responses brings about profound change
  • The goal versus byproduct concept
  • Strategies to ease pressure and overcome performance anxiety

Overcoming insomnia is a nuanced journey but it doesn’t have to be hard. (It’s certainly not harder than insomnia itself.)

As you move forward, remember: 

  • self-kindness is always an option
  • celebrating the little things is actually the BIG thing
  • progress doesn’t always show up as sleep first

Happy New Year!

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About Beth Kendall MA, FNTP: 

For decades, Beth struggled with the relentless grip of insomnia. After finally understanding insomnia from a mind-body perspective, she changed her relationship with sleep, and completely recovered. Liberated from the constant worry of not sleeping, she’s on a mission to help others recover as well. Her transformative program Mind. Body. Sleep.™ has been a beacon of light for hundreds of others seeking solace from sleepless nights. 

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