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Cracking the Code: Pattern Seeking During Insomnia | Ep 22

February 08, 2024 Beth Kendall Episode 22
Mind. Body. Sleep.
Cracking the Code: Pattern Seeking During Insomnia | Ep 22
Show Notes

This episode is a shout-out to all my fellow analytical, detail-oriented, problem-solving, Type A, perfectionistic code-crackers.

I know you're out there!

If you find yourself meticulously scrutinizing every detail of your life looking for clues as to why you have insomnia, this one's for you.

We deep dive into a common behavior I call ‘pattern-seeking.’ This natural facet of our safety system helps us survive in the world, but in the case of insomnia, often turns into patternicity.

Patternicity looks for patterns that don’t necessarily exist and makes predictions based off those perceived patterns.

Tune in to hear more about:

  • How pattern-seeking takes shape during insomnia
  • What’s really driving it
  • The MOST crucial pattern of all

Towards the end of the podcast, I share three key insights about pattern-seeking:

  1. Education and awareness: Understanding WHY your brain engages in certain behaviors empowers you.

  2. Examining the driver: Look beyond the behavior at the motivations driving it, so you can recognize if it's rooted in trust or fear.  

  3. The only code to crack: Trying to fix something that isn’t fundamentally broken only confuses the unconscious mind (where sleep lives).

By changing how you respond to insomnia, you can initiate a shift in how insomnia responds to you.

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For decades, Beth struggled with the relentless grip of insomnia. After finally understanding insomnia from a mind-body perspective, she changed her relationship with sleep, and completely recovered. Liberated from the constant worry of not sleeping, she’s on a mission to help others recover as well. Her transformative program Mind. Body. Sleep.™ has been a beacon of light for hundreds of others seeking solace from sleepless nights. 

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