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7 AI Tools For Construction Marketing [Not ChatGPT]

December 04, 2023 Jonathan Cor
Construction Marketers
7 AI Tools For Construction Marketing [Not ChatGPT]
Show Notes

Today, we'll explore seven powerful AI tools poised to transform how contractors and construction professionals approach their content needs.

1. Google's Bard: ChatGPT's Rival

Google's Bard emerges as ChatGPT's strongest competitor, offering distinct advantages. It's free, accessible with a Google account, and boasts the most current data, typically within days or weeks. Integration with Google's search engine gives Bard a significant edge.

Contractors can leverage Bard for various purposes, including brainstorming social media post ideas, generating blog topics, and crafting social media copywriting hooks. However, it's crucial to view Bard as a content assistant rather than a creator.

2. Streamlined Blog Content simplifies the creation of high-quality blog posts, offering marketing-specific parameters such as titles, keywords, tone, and content goals. The tool guides users throughout the process, making it user-friendly. Plans start at $36 per month, catering to companies seeking to enhance their blog content.

3. Descript: Podcast and Video Editing Made Easy

Descript is an all-in-one platform simplifying podcast and video editing through transcription. Features like voice cloning, noise removal, and audio enhancement enhance content quality. Descript offers a free plan and a Creator package starting at $12 per month for advanced features.

4. OpusClip: Short-Form Video Generation

OpusClip excels in converting long-form construction content into engaging short clips with captions. It identifies compelling hooks and offers a likelihood score for virality. With 60 minutes of free content monthly, OpusClip simplifies the creation of viral short-form videos.

5. MidJourney: Realistic Image Creation

MidJourney generates lifelike images from text prompts, requiring a Discord account for access. Plans start at $10 per month, offering a creative way to enhance visual content for social media, blogs, and YouTube thumbnails.

6. Remini: Image Enhancement and Headshot Generation

Remini improves image quality, eliminating blur, noise, and enhancing faces and videos. It also generates realistic professional headshots. With both mobile and browser accessibility, Remini offers a free app and affordable pricing starting at $2.99 per week.

7. Soundraw: AI-Generated Music for Videos

Soundraw simplifies the addition of music to construction video content. Users can select mood, genre, and length, and it generates royalty-free music with perpetual licenses, ensuring no copyright issues. Soundraw offers a free plan, with a creator plan starting at $16.00 per month for full access to its music library.

In conclusion, AI tools are reshaping the construction industry's content creation and marketing landscape. These seven AI tools empower contractors and professionals to generate ideas, streamline content creation, enhance visuals, and produce captivating video content. By harnessing AI's potential, construction businesses can stay competitive, reach broader audiences, and thrive in the digital era.

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