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10 Marketing Trends For 2024

December 18, 2023 Jonathan Cor
Construction Marketers
10 Marketing Trends For 2024
Show Notes

Today, I've got an exciting breakdown of the top TEN construction marketing trends for 2024. The construction industry has been slow to embrace change, but it's time to shift gears and stay ahead of the game.

1. Construction Personal Brands: The first trend is all about growing your personal brand in construction. More executives and professionals are sharing their expertise on platforms like LinkedIn. Building your own brand, focusing on your passion, and documenting your journey can make you a recognized expert in the industry.

2. Meme Marketing: Believe it or not, memes are making their mark in construction marketing. Creating memes related to your area of expertise can boost engagement and reach new audiences. Just remember not to overdo it or turn your content into a sales pitch.

3. AI Tools: Don't fear AI; embrace it as a content-boosting tool. Use AI for brainstorming ideas, repurposing content, and editing to enhance your marketing efforts without replacing your job.

4. Social Selling on LinkedIn: Social selling is about connecting, nurturing, and selling to potential clients. Engage with their content, share valuable information, and build a relationship before making any sales pitches.

5. Recruiting through Non-Recruiting Content: Forget the old "We're hiring" posts. Instead, showcase your completed projects, highlight successful employees, and demonstrate how you're improving your company culture.

6. Short-Form Video Content: Video content continues to thrive, and you don't need fancy equipment. Create short-form videos featuring interviews, advice, or quick job site tours to connect with your audience.

7. ConTech Partnerships with Creators: ConTech companies are partnering with construction creators to build awareness in a more authentic way. If you're building a strong personal brand in construction, this trend could be beneficial for you.

8. Building Email Lists through Newsletters: With changing social media algorithms and privacy concerns, building an email list through valuable newsletters is a cost-effective way to maintain direct customer access. Share industry news, thought leadership, and project insights.

9. Reaching Gen Z and Gen Alpha: To address the labor shortage and attract younger generations, focus on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. Share industry events, interviews, and lighthearted content to engage with the younger audience.

10. Avoid Monetizing Too Early: Lastly, a cautionary trend. Don't rush to monetize your audience too soon. Provide helpful, insightful, and entertaining content before considering product or service promotions. Delaying monetization can lead to a bigger payoff in the long run.

These ten trends can revolutionize how construction professionals approach marketing in 2024. It's time to break free from the industry's slow pace and leverage these strategies to lead the charge.

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