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5 Reasons You NEED To Post On Social Media

February 05, 2024 Jonathan Cor
Construction Marketers
5 Reasons You NEED To Post On Social Media
Show Notes

I thought I was too late to the social media content game in 2020. Why? Back in 2018, I saw content creators in construction who were crushing it on social media and thought to myself, "I feel like I can do that too!" But I never took action. In fact, between 2018 and when I started posting regularly in mid-2020, I only posted three times. As I started my content journey on social media, I had next to no engagement on any of my content. It was then that I had the thought, "I'm too late to the game. My time has passed." BUT I'm so glad I ignored that little voice. Why? Last year, my content almost hit 1 million impressions on LinkedIn alone. And here's the reality: You may feel like it's too late for you too. But the truth is that it's not too late.

Today, I'm breaking down my TOP 5 reasons it's not too late for you on social media along with some tips to help you get started.

1:01 - Mistake #1
1:48 - Mistake #2
2:37 - Mistake #3
3:27 - Mistake #4
4:13 - Mistake #5
5:14 - 6 important questions

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