Construction Marketers

DON'T Make These 7 Marketing Mistakes

February 12, 2024 Jonathan Cor
Construction Marketers
DON'T Make These 7 Marketing Mistakes
Show Notes

Most contractors have no marketing. And for the contractors with marketing, very few are great at it. When you think of industries that are great at marketing, you think of e-commerce companies, tech companies, and even food brands like McDonalds. The construction industry has never been considered great at marketing. But that shouldn't be the case because contractors worldwide are building some of the coolest buildings. So I decided that enough was enough. And I compiled a list of the top 7 marketing mistakes contractors make online and how you can avoid them.

0:43 - 1st mistake
1:38 - 2nd mistake
2:23 - 3rd mistake
3:20 - 4th mistake
4:02 - 5th mistake
5:00 - 6th mistake
5:39 - 7th mistake

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