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The Crodie Files
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The Crodie Files

Craig Bryson & Jodie Mears

The Crodie Files is a podcast hosted by two career Executive Assistants currently in the role, supporting C-Suite Corporate Executives.  
With over 40 years of combined industry experience,  we came together to share the knowledge! 
We unite Administrative Professionals, Assistants, and all Business Support Professionals globally with our honest, realistic approach to common questions and problem-solving. 

Our show provides a space for listeners to learn about the challenges and triumphs of the Assistant Profession and to gain insights into the strategies and approaches that make these professionals successful.​ 
Our episodes are kept to under 30 minutes as we appreciate how precious your time is and never use a typical interview format. Instead, our voice note approach makes each episode easy to listen to and relatable.  

Our "Hi Crodie..." initiative is where we invite you to send in your questions, bugbears, and comments that relate to the role and your learning & development. To be featured on the show visit our website and send in yours today.

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