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The Guest List presented by Poss Music Works

Poss Music Works

The Guest List is about songwriters, their most impactful songs, and the stories behind them. Bill Poss, a notable troubadour in his own right, is your host and executive producer. Each episode, we ask a traveling North American songwriter to perform their 5 most popular/requested songs -- all in front of a live, invite only, studio audience.

Garrett Burris is your audio engineer and producer. JJ Passalacqua with the weather.

It's right where you've always wanted to be - on The Guest List!

Presented by Poss Music Works, a 501 (c)3 NFP based out of Effingham, IL -- visit us at

Poss Music Works presents Moccasin Creek Festival, Summer Sundown Music Festival, Little Grassy Get Down, Little Grassy Winter Songwriters' Retreat, one-off concerts, workshops, and kids' events throughout Central and Southern Illinois, with a mission to bring arts and culture tourism and cultural enrichment to our rural part of the world.