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Should We Dress Like Our Favorite Plants?

February 09, 2022 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 4 Episode 14
The Gardenangelists
Should We Dress Like Our Favorite Plants?
Show Notes

Dee and Carol talk about African Violets, the Dwarf Tomato Project, Old Growth Forests, Funeral Flowers, and more on this week's episode.

A few links:

Dee's Blog Post - Snow days, a funeral, and food.

African Violet Society of America
How to Repot African violets Violets 101 - African Violet Society of America 

Check out the OPTIMARA website to see different colors and types of African Violets  OPTIMARA

A blog post on African Violets: How to Achieve Constant Bloom by Kevin Lee Jacobs.

Dress Like Your Plant Contest Page

Veggie:   Dwarf Tomato Project  

Epic Tomatoes: How to Select and Grow the Best Varieties of All Time, by Craig LeHoullier

Open Source Seeds – Dwarf Tomato Project   

Open Source Seed Initiative  

On the Bookshelf:  The Hidden Histories of Houseplants: Fascinating Stories of Our Most-Loved Houseplants, by Maddie and Alice Bailey

 More Links:


Wild Geese Bookshop in Franklin, Indiana

Old, Primeval Forests May Be a Powerful Tool to Fight Climate Change | Science | Smithsonian Magazine

 Post Oaks and the Keystone Ancient Forest

The History of Funeral Flowers | Petal Talk

The Fascinating History of Funeral Wreaths: Scent And Violet

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