The Gardenangelists: Flowers, Veggies, and All the Best Dirt

We're "glad" we garden!

April 06, 2022 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 4 Episode 22
The Gardenangelists: Flowers, Veggies, and All the Best Dirt
We're "glad" we garden!
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Show Notes

Dee and Carol talk about gladiolus, their favorite tools, a new book on weed-free gardening, and more on this week's podcast episode.

A few links:

Dee's Greenhouse info: My tropical plants are all tucked into the greenhouse - Red Dirt Ramblings®

National Garden Bureau's  Year of the Gladiolus

Gladiolus  Mon Amour at Brent & Becky’s Bulb 

Heirloom Glad Search  at Old House Gardens

'Atom' Gladiolus at Old House Gardens


Dee's Long-handled trowel
Fiskars loppers
Corona FS ComfortGEL Leaf & Stem Micro Snips,
Jakoti  shears (sold many places, including Amazon)
Cobrahead mini cultivator
Cape Cod weeder at A.M. Leonard
Corona mini loppers
Perennial spade at Garden Tool Company 
Rockery trowel at Garden Tool Company
Red Pig Tools

On the Bookshelf:  Weed Free Gardening: A Comprehensive and Organic Approach to Weed Management by Tasha Greer  

 Flower Puns – Punpedia  from our friend Katie Elzer-Peters at The Garden of Words

Groovy Plants Ranch

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