The Gardenangelists

Is That a Purple Zebra in Your Garden?

August 10, 2022 Carol Michel, Dee Nash
The Gardenangelists
Is That a Purple Zebra in Your Garden?
Show Notes

Dee and Carol talk about hidden lilies, some All-America Selection vegetables, monarchs, and more in this week's episode.

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Hidden Lilies, Curcuma alismatifolia 
Dee's Instagram pics of these lilies - here and here 

Newly announced All-America Selections winners for 2023

Pepper cayenne Wildcat F1
Watermelon Rubyfirm F1

Also, shout out for the 2022 All-America tomato, Tomato Purple Zebra F1                                        (National Winner) and Begonia Viking Explorer Rose on Green F1   (And on Carol's Instagram)

 On the bookshelf:   Green Kitchen: Quick & Slow: Joyful Vegetarian Recipes for Quick Weeknight Fixes and Slow Weekend Meals by  David Frenkiel  (Author), Luise Vindahl  (Author) (Amazon Link)   Check out the authors' blog, Green Kitchen Stories

Updates on Monarchs     Daily briefing: Monarch butterflies are an endangered species and

Monarchs | U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

The Language of Butterflies by Wendy Williams (Amazon Link)

More on Gladys Taber - Friend of Gladys Taber

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