The Gardenangelists: Flowers, Veggies, and All the Best Dirt

"Every Leaf Speaks Bliss To Me"

October 05, 2022 Carol Michel, Dee Nash
The Gardenangelists: Flowers, Veggies, and All the Best Dirt
"Every Leaf Speaks Bliss To Me"
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Show Notes

Dee and Carol talk about ways to save annuals and tropicals at the end of the season, garlic, and more on this week's episode.

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Two Family Handyman articles by Carol that relate are "Is coleus an annual or  perennial?”  and How to Grow and Care for Coleus.

Robin Parer, owner of Geraniaceae for more on pelargoniums

 Garlic on Botanical Interests (affiliate link)

On the Bookshelf:  The Halloween Hare by Carol J. Michel, illustrations by Ty J. Hayden. Coming out October 4, 2022.  (Amazon Link)

Carol's first blog post about the Halloween Hare way back in 2008.

Dirt: YouTube video of Spotted Lantern Fly on SNL!

Some real info on Spotted Lantern Fly from Cornell University

More on Monarchs! Monarch Joint Venture, has a lot of webinars on monarchs

An  article from Purdue about monarchs in Indiana… 

Dee’s blog post about monarchs

Monarchs and becorns, super cute video on Instagram.

More books! The Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman, the third book in the Thursday Murder Club series. (Amazon Link) Another cozy mystery, Deadhead and Buried(The English Cottage Garden Mysteries #1) by H.Y. Hanna (Amazon Link).  Silent Bud Deadly is the next one… (Amazon Link)

Affiliate link to Botanical Interest Seeds. (If you buy something from them after using this link, we earn a small commission at no cost to you. This helps us continue to bring this podcast to you ad-free!)  Book links are also affiliate links.

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For more info on Carol and her books, visit her website.  Visit her blog

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