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Gardening Talk All Over the Place!

November 09, 2022 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 5 Episode 1
The Gardenangelists
Gardening Talk All Over the Place!
Show Notes

Season 5, Episode 1!

Dee and Carol talk about orchid houseplants, cold frames, a new book on ground covers, regenerative farming, and more this week.

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Good info on Phalaenopsis care from University of Maryland Extension:
Marianne Willburn's blog post on Garden Rant mentioning fake orchids at Costco. 

Dee's info on  What Is a Cold Frame Greenhouse? | The Family Handyman and her blog post:  My tropical plants are all tucked into the greenhouse - Red Dirt Ramblings®

On the Bookshelf:   The Complete Book of Ground Covers, by Gary Lewis. (Amazon link)

Article on geomapping old nurseries in Great Britain.

Article on Why experts say you shouldn't bag your leaves this fall : NPR and Leave the Leaves: Winter Habitat Protection | Xerces Society

The Rabbit Hole: Regenerative Agriculture:  Will Harris, 4th generation Georgia rancher and farmer and Allan Savory Ted Talk

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