The Gardenangelists

Oh A Bulbing We Will Go!

November 30, 2022 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 5 Episode 4
The Gardenangelists
Oh A Bulbing We Will Go!
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Show Notes

This week, Carol and Dee talk about forcing bulbs vs. tropical bulbs, ube, microgreens, and other unusual plants.

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Dee’s new plant:  Green Galaxy monstera!

Flowers:    Forcing bulbs in vintage bowls and other containers - Red Dirt Ramblings®

Carol FH Christmas Plants article with mention of all the bulbs you could ever want to force for Christmas.

Forcing snowdrops, a blog post by Carol


What is ube

Purple sweet potato plants at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Mexican sour gherkins at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Bitter Gourd at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

On the Bookshelf:   American Roots: Lessons and Inspiration from the Designers Reimagingin Our Home Gardens by Teresa Woodard, Nick McCullough, and Alison McCullough


Microgreens! The origins

A sweet video by Sophia Blackall as well.

Rabbit Holes:

All There Is with Anderson Cooper on Apple Podcasts

Cicely Mary Barker and her flower fairies

The usual stuff:

Affiliate link to Botanical Interest Seeds.  Book links are also affiliate links.

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