The Gardenangelists: Flowers, Veggies, and All the Best Dirt

Two Gardeners Out of Control

December 14, 2022 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 5 Episode 6
The Gardenangelists: Flowers, Veggies, and All the Best Dirt
Two Gardeners Out of Control
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Show Notes

Dee and Carol talked about zinnias (again), growing greens, the Pantone color of the year and more on this week's episode. 

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Zinnia seeds at Eden Brothers
Zinnia angustifolia 'Crystal White' seeds at Pinetree Garden Seeds
Miss Willmott’s Ghosts by Sandra Lawrence (Amazon Link)

Dee's blog post on beans and greens
Carol's blog post on heirloom lettuce varieties
Bloomsdale Spinach at Botanical Interests
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce at Botanical Interests

On the Bookshelf:
My Father is the Gardener: Devotions in Botany and Gardening of the Bible by Shelley S. Cramm.  Order from  BRIT Press.  Discount code THANKS20 to get 20% off, order by 12/18 to get delivery by Christmas. (This is not an affiliate link.) For more info about the illustrator, visit her website:  Layla Luna.  For more info about Shelley, visit her website, Garden in Delight.

Rabbit Holes: Tree DNA helped police...

The usual stuff:

Affiliate link to Botanical Interest Seeds.  Book links are also affiliate links.

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