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Gardening for a Cup of Tea

February 01, 2023 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 5 Episode 12
The Gardenangelists
Gardening for a Cup of Tea
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Show Notes

Dee and Carol steeped this episode in a cup of tea with flowers and vegetables you can grow for tea, tea tips, and more.

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Dee's little Shark sweeper to clean up after Masha.

A few floral teas to consider
Lover’s Leap from Smith Tea Makers
Repose by Steep Echo  


A tea with 10 different dried veggies 

 On the Bookshelf

The Pleasure of Herbs: A Month-by-Month Guide to Growing, Using, and Enjoying Herbs by Phyllis Shaudys (1986) (Amazon Link)  and Herbal Treasures: Inspiring Month-by-Month Projects for Gardening, Cooking, and Crafts by Phyllis V. Shaudys (1990) (Amazon Link)

 A Taste for Herbs by Sue Goetz (Amazon Link)


Life is Better with Tea Website with info on how to brew the perfect tea:

Dee’s current favorite teas are:  Bettys Tea Room tea from Yorkshire and Tetley loose leaf

Carol’s current favorite tea is Earl Grey from  

Carol’s favorite electric tea kettle: Kitchenaid Kettle with an Infuser   

Dee’s favorite tea kettle is Russell Hobbs

Rabbit Holes:

 Dee's new Puzzle protector

The Mitford Affair by Marie Benedict (Amazon Link)

Affiliate link to Botanical Interest Seeds.  Book links are also affiliate links.

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For more info on Carol and her books, visit her website.  Visit her blog May Dreams Gardens.
For more info on Dee and her book, visit her website.  Visit her blog Red Dirt Ramblings.

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