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Lost Time in the Garden (Podcast)

February 08, 2023 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 5 Episode 13
The Gardenangelists
Lost Time in the Garden (Podcast)
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Show Notes

This week's topics include advice for cleaning up flower and vegetable gardens plus more gardening-related topics.

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Dee's latest blog post on her garden plans and her reel on Instagram

Flylady's website, if interested

Carol's  one-act play about a marigold
Dee's wasp poem

On the Bookshelf:   The Vegetable Garden Problem Solver Handbook by Susan Mulvihill (Amazon Link)  Susan's website and YouTube channel

Dr. Jared Barnes's blog Meristem and his post about how he handles cutting back plants in his Texas garden

And Ohio is the first state to ban the sale of Bradford pears!

Rabbit Holes:

Mr. Pelargonium on You Tube and his video on Feeding pelargoniums.
Flower pillows on Proven Winners 

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For more info on Carol and her books, visit her website.  Visit her blog May Dreams Gardens.
For more info on Dee and her book, visit her website.  Visit her blog Red Dirt Ramblings.

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