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The Company You Keep... In The Garden

March 08, 2023 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 5 Episode 17
The Gardenangelists
The Company You Keep... In The Garden
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Show Notes

Dee and Carol talked about annual flowers that attract butterflies, sowing early spring vegetables, a card deck of helpful veggie info and more.

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A few links!

'Phyllis' Marigold at Botanical Interests
'Kee's Orange' Marigold at Select Seeds
'Gem Blend Signet' Marigold Seeds at Botanical Interests

Optimum soil temps for vegetables grown from seed, compliments of Oregon State.
How to raise soil temps faster, from Penn State.

A basic soil thermometer or something fancier that measures temperature, pH, moisture, and sunlight intensity

On the Bookshelf:   Home Harvest: Your Pocket Card Guide to Kitchen Gardening by Bridie Cotter and Tom Gaunt. (Amazon link)

Shout out to the illustrator too, Edith Rewa; she has some botanical wrapping paper and a botanical coloring book.

 Dirt: A Defense of Hellebores, by Marianne Wilburn. 

Rabbit Holes:

Carol's Blog Post on  Grace Woolson.   

 FrostKiss Anna’s Red Hellebore

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