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Morning Sun: The Best Thing in the World

March 27, 2023 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 5 Episode 21
The Gardenangelists
Morning Sun: The Best Thing in the World
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Show Notes

This week, Dee and Carol talk about tulips, rhubarb, the book The Seed Detective and more.

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A few links:
Dee's new plants from Southern Living Plants:  Royal Hawaiian® ‘Waikiki’ Colocasia and Red Sky™ Ilex
Cool Wave Pansies
Carol's new Epson label printer for her plant labels
Information about voles Dee wrote for Family Handyman

Brent and Becky's Bulbs - a family-owned place to order bulbs.

Rhubarb seeds at True Leaf Market

On the Bookshelf:  The Seed Dectective: Uncovering the Secret Histories of Remarkable Vegetables, by Adam Alexander. (Amazon link

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Visit Nan Ondra's post Don't Be Ordinary, Grow Seeds With a Story. Visit  her Hayefield Seed Shop on Etsy

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