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Bluebirds Flock Where Flowers Bloom

April 05, 2023 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 5 Episode 21
The Gardenangelists
Bluebirds Flock Where Flowers Bloom
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Show Notes

Dee and Carol talked about stock,  asparagus, sunflowers, a new flower book, and what's going on in  Dee's garden after the fires in Oklahoma.

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A few links:
Carol's latest blog post about weeding.
Dee's article in Oklahoma Living about how it's hard to garden in Oklahoma.
Dee's Instagram post with more info about the fires and her garden.

Info on stocks from  Missouri Botanical Garden.

Info about growing asparagus on Renee’s Gardens website

More asparagus history and growing info in The Seed Dectective, by Adam Alexander. (Amazon link) (last week's book) and The Chef's Garden, by Farmer Lee Jones (Amazon link)

On the Bookshelf:
The Story of Flowers and how they change the way we live by Noel Kingsbury. (Amazon link)

Our Dirt:
Sunflower Steve

Rabbit holes:
The Creative Cove  on YouTube

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