The Gardenangelists

Then Laughter Returned to the Garden

April 12, 2023 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 5 Episode 22
The Gardenangelists
Then Laughter Returned to the Garden
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Show Notes

Dee and Carol talk about columbine flowers, perennial kale, a different kind of foraging book and more this week.

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A few links:

Carol's Easter eggs on Instagram
Muck Boots


Select Seeds sells a packet of Columbine seeds called National Collection Mix.   
Eden Bros. also has a mix of European columbine seeds .
Nan Ondra at Hayefield has some seeds for interesting columbines.
The Story of Flowers and how they change the way we live by Noel Kingsbury. (Amazon link)

How to Grow Heritage Perennial kale - The Guardian

On the Bookshelf:   The Flowerpot Forager: An Easy Guide to Growing Wild Food at Home,  by Stuart Ovenden (Amazon link)

Dee's post on Dr. John Cho and his elephant ear breeding, 

And April is   Invasive Plant Pest and Disease Awareness Month 

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