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Geraniums, Figs, and Our Plant Failures

June 11, 2019 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 1 Episode 32
The Gardenangelists
Geraniums, Figs, and Our Plant Failures
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Show Notes

Carol and Dee discuss geraniums, both the perennial Geraniums and the annual Pelargoniums, figs, and a few plants they've failed to grow successfully in their gardens.

Some books mentioned include:  
Merry Hall, by Beverley Nichols
Gods, Wasps, and Stranglers by Mike Shanahan 
Back to the Garden by Ursula Buchan
Grow Figs Where You Think You Can’t by Steven Biggs
An Omelette and a Glass of Wine, by Elizabeth David.

And a favorite quote: “Long experience has taught me that people who do not like geraniums have something morally unsound about them. Sooner or later you will find them out; you will discover that they drink, or steal books, or speak sharply to cats. Never trust a man or a woman who is not passionately devoted to geraniums.” Beverley Nichols, Merry Hall  

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