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Hibiscus and Tomato Troubles and Triumphs

July 01, 2020 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 2 Episode 34
The Gardenangelists
Hibiscus and Tomato Troubles and Triumphs
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Show Notes

Dee and Carol talk about hibiscus, both hardy and tropical, plus tomato troubles and triumphs.

Helpful Links:

Hardy Hibiscus from “Rozanne & Friends”   
Tropical Hibiscus from Hollywood Hibiscus
'Sugar Tip' Rose of Sharon from Proven Winners

'Emerald Towers' Basil from Burpee
'Amazel Basil' Basil from Proven Winners

Nolo Bait for grasshopper control

Environmental issues  with tomatoes, from Purdue University
Tomato Blight information from Purdue University

On the Bookshelf:
French Country Cottage Inspired Gatherings, by Courtney Allison

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