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We Tempt You to Grow

August 12, 2020 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 2 Episode 40
The Gardenangelists
We Tempt You to Grow
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Show Notes

Dee and Carol tempt you to grow toad lilies and ground cherries, and read about old vegetable varieties, then pick up some good gardening magazines!

Helpful Links:

Dee's Bee Update
Carol's Mulch Update

Article on Toadlilies by Beth Botts 

Ground Cherry seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds

100 Vegetables and Where They Come From, by William Woys Weaver. 
Roughwood Seed Collection

'Habanada' Sweet Peppers at Botanical Interests Seeds

A few gardening magazines:
Fine Gardening

The American Gardener. (To subscribe, you join American Horticultural Society.)

Royal Horticulture Society

Garden Gate

Gardens Illustrated (UK)

The English Garden (UK)

Pacific Horticulture Magazine (no longer published but back issues are available)

Wildflower Magazine published by Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Victoria Magazine 

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