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Lessons from Skateboarding for Gardeners

September 09, 2020 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 2 Episode 44
The Gardenangelists
Lessons from Skateboarding for Gardeners
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Show Notes

Dee and Carol discuss picking flowers to honor and share with your kids, Glass Gem Corn, and books that inspire us.  All the quotes are from Tony Hawk and the world of skateboarding. (Because we can relate anything to gardening.)

Gluten-free biscuits and wildflower honey, please!

'Bright Eyes' phlox at American Meadows

Glass Gem Corn at Burpee Seeds

On the Bookshelf, Theme Gardens, by Barbara Damrosch. 

The Great American Lawn. A video from CBS Sunday Morning.

Here’s a post on Dee’s blog where she mused about tupelo honey, Scotts-Miracle Gro and how the perfect lawn should have weeds like tupelo trees and clover

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