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Lettuce Garden, Or Not.

January 19, 2022 Carol Michel, Dee Nash Season 4 Episode 11
The Gardenangelists
Lettuce Garden, Or Not.
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Show Notes

Dee and Carol talk about flower seed sources, the year of the salad greens, beneficial insects and more on this week's episode.

A few helpful links!

Dee's blog post of indoor blooms

Flower Seed Sources:

Floret’s List of Flower Seed Companies.   

A sweet pea seed source, Ardelia Farm

Diane’s Flower Seeds 

Eden Brothers: heirloom and open-pollinated seeds. 

Renee’s Garden Seeds

Nan Ondra’s Seeds 

National Garden Bureau declares it's the  Year of the Salad Greens 

Carol’s blog post on growing lettuce like it’s 1957

Encino lettuce from High Mowing Garden Seeds. 

The American Viscountess makes Lettuce Soup! A video

 On the Bookshelf:   Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden, Second Edition: A Natural Approach to Pest Control, by Jessica Walliser. 

 Lost LadyBug Project - Cornell University

Guilford Gardens CSA

Garden Rant Post   on Robin Lane Fox by Allen Bush
Thoughtful Gardening, by Robin Lane Fox 

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